From NAKINA...: Apr. 8 – Re Bites, Re Biden and Ray-BOULD

The big guy celebrates

A BIG Thank You….
To the many who took the tyme to send Rotzy birthday wishes. I was rather amazed/blown away as Miz. Jo read off name after name after name….people from here, there and everywhere (including a goodly number from the far north), many of whom I hadn’t seen/spoken to in ages! I guess that after some 74 years, one can accumulate friends and acquaintances by the dozen. Once again, a sincere thank you for your kind thoughts and words!

Got Some Good News….
….for those who’ve been asking lately as to the state of yours truly’s ‘tooth/teeth situation’. The date for my three extractions was April 29th….but I was put on Coronation’s ‘cancellation list’. Well I got a call early last week asking if I could be moved up to Monday April 8th at 8:30AM….I expect somebody ‘chickened out’….and I said ‘colour me there’ because the sooner I get this over with, the better. And seeing as I’m writing this Sunday April 7th 9:30 AM, that means that 24 hours from now, ‘Lord willing and the creek don’t rise’, I should have three fewer teeth, and MAYBE the feeling will return to my jaw and lower lip, both of which have been in a somewhat ‘frozen state’ for a month now. Don’t get the impression I’m looking forward to this or even excited about it….because I’d rather have open heart surgery than sit in a dentist chair, I just want it done with. Stay tuned.

I Had To Laugh….
….when our Prime Minister told us Ms. Wilson-Reybold (who by now I believe has been removed from the Liberal caucus) would be allowed to ‘have her say’ over the SNC Lavelin shindig. Yet, when she at last came before the Canada-wide cameras I swear she still had some strips of duct tape partially covering her mouth…perhaps even a couple drops of Krazy Glue*tm. Anyway, Justin and his censors/henchmen (including Patty Hajdu, MP for TBay/Superior North/Min of Labour) have condemned Wilson-Reybold’s behaviour and given her the boot….along with another former Lieutenant of J/T’s….for not toeing the party line. This stuff is not new. About 16 or 17 years ago, Liberal MP for TBay/Superior North Joe Comuzzi signed Jo Ann and me up as card-carrying Liberals….with voting privileges! There was an effort afoot by Paul Martin to show Jean Chretien the door….ASAP!….rather than serve the rest of his term. Well, there was a vote, and it worked out as Martin and his backers (including Comuzzi) had planned. Martin became the next P/M, Joe C. became Min of State/Fednor and all was well. Until a ‘sensitive issue’ (methinks it was called the ‘right to life’?) re-surfaced in The House. It was especially ‘sensitive’ to Catholics, like Joe Comuzzi. Joe couldn’t/wouldn’t vote with his caucus, so of course Martin gave him the boot. After some serious thought, Comuzzi ‘crossed the floor’ where Stephen Harper welcomed him with open arms to the Conservatives. Of course, the rest of Paul Martin’s tenure was a disaster, opening the door for Harper. Tell ya what, this is NOT just a Federal Liberal ‘thing’ as Ontario Premier Dougie Ford is finding out that one of his ‘key people’ is ‘not a team player’… on it that more are to follow! Well, Rotzy’s got no tyme for tail-between-the-legs/Casper milquetoast type MP’s and MPP’s that fold up like a cheap suit when asked to choose between going with the caucus and/or standing on your own two feet and voting what you AND your constituents want!! Sadly, if one wants to keep one’s job, you better learn to ‘go with the flow’. *Jeez….it’s been a while since a good ‘Rotzy political rant’. Comments welcome.

This Isn’t Another ‘Rant’….
….just some thoughts of stuff happening on the US side of the border. Heard/read last week that Joe Biden….former Vice President under Obama….is getting some ‘bad press’ even tho he’s not yet ‘officially’ announced he’s a candidate for President next tyme round. Well, I’m ‘going on a limb’ here and guessing that one (or more) of those who’ve already tossed their hats in the ring are wasting no tyme digging up dirt on the ex-VP, in an odd way, a show of respect/fear for Joe B. And they’re using a form of dirt that is quite popular these days….a groping/clutching ogre of a man, and in one week several females have ‘all of a sudden’ spoken out against him….all from within the Democratic rank and file. Four of them have names that probably mean nothing to most people and their ‘complaints’ run from 2009 to 2016. All of them took place at political functions or campaigning and they were all similar….a ‘handshake that lasted a second too long’….ditto for a ‘hug or embrace’….yet none of which seemed worthy of ‘reporting’ Biden to party officials at the tyme. But ‘all of a sudden’ they’re making news. But the one getting the BIG ink was Lucy Flores, Lt/Governor of Nevada in 2014. (*I didn’t even know they had/have Lt/Governors in the USA….I always figured that was a ‘Canadian thing’) Anyway, last week Lucy happened to recall a political gathering back in 2014, where during a wrap-up and applause Joe (loosely quoted) ”held her shoulders, smelled the back of her head and kissed her hair”. Hardly grounds for rape accusations, huh? And seeing as it took her FIVE years to bring this to light, you think she’s still upset that Joe didn’t plant a good one right on her lips? On the other hand, maybe Lucy is as ugly as sin itself and Biden just couldn’t bring himself to turn her around. Anyway, I can’t wait for the second volley of shots if Joe B DOES decide to run in 2020!! The ‘party faithfull’ will have him looking like Jack The Ripper in no tyme. *(did I say ‘faithfull’?!)

*Thought Of The Day…So apparently RSVP’ing to a wedding invite ”Maybe Next Tyme” isn’t the correct response?

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