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A new year brings with it a fresh new beginning.

Many of you are Snowbirds and are probably down south.

I “see” many friends and acquaintances on my Facebook page enjoying their summer homes. Some of the fun stuff I have seen is their Christmas Parade of golf carts winding throughout their summer estates.

One thing that has struck me recently is that our friends, including us, are aging!?! Some have had serious illnesses and stays in the hospital. Hope those still struggling get well soon.

Looking after our parents, I see how aging affects them and realize that soon it may also affect me. My Mom is 89 and Dad will be 94 this month. That means I am getting older too! When did this start to happen? I don’t want to be older! My mind doesn’t think it is any older than maybe 30 years of age. Yet aches and pain seem to appear without warning. Must be the cold weather outside.

The motorcycle shows start this month. That means I am already thinking of spring and the warm riding weather to come.

Hopefully, our backyard pool will be repaired and ready for this season. I think we should spend more time in our backyard to enjoy BBQ dinners, the great outdoors and possibly sharing this with friends. Maybe after a nice long ride in the countryside, back here for a few drinks and some treats.

A new year is also time to reflect on your past year. What would you have done differently? I love the old motorcycling commercial from Harley Davidson where an older man sits in his rocker looking out at the dirt road and reflects. “If I had to do it all over again, I’d have bought that Harley.”

Take the initiative and figure out what you would like to accomplish this year, and get it done.

So, enjoy every minute of it. Life, that is…

To all, have a great and

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