You can type by dictating words. To use dictation in Microsoft Word, you must sign in to your Microsoft account using the Edge, Firefox, or Chrome browser, or you must log in to your OneDrive office Online. account. You also must have a microphone connected to your computer.


  1. Click the list of Office apps
  2. Select Word and open a blank document
  3. On your Home tab, click the Dictate icon (or the arrow next to Dictate)
  4. In some Word versions, you may have to take the extra step as follows:
    In the drop-down menu, select Transcribe

Additionally, you need to use these voice commands:

Say this                  Result          Category                            Comment

Period                              .       Punctuation
Comma                            ,       Punctuation
Question mark                 ?       Punctuation
Exclamation Mark            !       Punctuation
New line
New Paragraph               
New line (Enter) Punctuation / Command
Apostrophe S                  ‘s      Punctuation
Colon                               :       Punctuation
Semicolon                       ;       Punctuation
Open quotes                    ”       Punctuation
Close quotes                   ”       Punctuation
Hyphen                            –       Punctuation
Underscore                      __      Punctuation
M-dash                             —       Punctuation                         Em dash
N-dash                             –       Punctuation                         En dash
Open single quote           ‘       Punctuation
Close single quote           ‘       Punctuation
Open parentheses           (       Punctuation
Close parentheses           )       Punctuation
Open bracket                   [       Punctuation
Close bracket                  ]       Punctuation
Asterisk                           *       Punctuation
Backslash                        \       Punctuation
Forward slash                  /       Punctuation
And sign                          &       Punctuation
Copyright sign                 ©       Punctuation
Registered sign               ®       Punctuation
Caret symbol                   ^       Symbol
Ellipsis (dot dot dot)        …     Punctuation
Degree sign                     °       Symbol
Percent sign                    %       Symbol
Number Pound sign         #       Symbol
Plus sign                         +       Mathematics
Minus Sign                      –       Mathematics
Multiplication sign           x       Mathematics
Division sign                   ÷       Mathematics
Equal sign                       =       Mathematics
Currency symbols
Dollar sign                      
$       Currency 
Pound sterling sign         £       Currency
Euro sign                         €       Currency 
Yen sign                          ¥       Currency 
Undo                                       Editing Command
Delete                                     Editing Command                ‘Delete’ alone removes the last entry
Delete that                              Editing Command                Removes the last spoken phrase
Delete last n words                 Editing Command                Remove the last Number n words back
Delete last n sentences          Editing Command                Remove the last n sentences back
Insert Space                            Punctuation                         Add a normal (breaking) space
Backspace                              Editing Command                Deletes last word
Bold                                        Formatting Command
Italics                                      Formatting Command
Underline                                Formatting Command
Indent                                     Formatting Command
Decrease Indent                     Formatting Command
Align Left                                Formatting Command
Align Right                             Formatting Command
Align Center / Centre              Formatting Command
Start List                                 List Command                     commence a bulleted, unnumbered list.
Start Numbered List               List Command                     commence a numbered list.
Next Line                                List Command                     Add a new point / number to the list.
Exit List                                  List Command                     Return to normal, non-list text.
Show Help                              Dictation Command             Display help pane open at Dictation items
Pause Dictation                      Dictation Command             Pauses dictation. To resume click mic


The complete list of dictation commands: 

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