DIRT, Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods always is a fun read, a writer of adult comic books in verbal form…entertaining, engaging and enjoyable.

On the heels of his ” New York Times ” bestseller ” Choke, ” Stuart Woods brings back one of his best-loved characters, Stone Barrington, in a glittering roller-coaster ride through the murderous world of high-profile celebrity gossip. Feared and disliked for both her poison pen and ice queen persona, gossip columnist Amanda Dart finds the tables have turned. When an anonymous gossipmonger begins faxing the scathing details of Amanda’s sexual indiscretions to national opinion makers, she turns to Stone Barrington for help. But as the faxes also expose other members of the gossip “community,” it becomes apparent that the most respected of the social scene will stop at nothing–even murder–to clear their names. Set against a backdrop of glitzy Manhattan society, “Dirt” is a sexy, fast-paced and witty thriller–Stuart Woods at his best.

Richard says
As per almost any Stuart Woods novel, Dirt delivers an engaging story with lots of fun in’s and out’s to the world of gossip mongers. Woods helps readers understand that though writers in this world of sleaze, dirt and dirty laundry, must still work hard to find their material, uncover their information and confirm its validity. They may be working in a world of cheapness and skulduggery, but the majority of these writers feel they are professionals who must deliver facts.

Woods paints an authenticity in his tale with facts and details taken from the pages of the real world. Nevertheless, his canvas is a narrative that will engage you throughout the whole book.

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