Every trip to WALMART is an education

Heat and humidity shorten all fuses.

Walmart altercation confirms it.

Each trip to Walmart’s is an education, seeing people in eccentric and unique apparel, seeing possible thefts or seeing verbal altercations that border on outright assault. Hard to guess the underlying causes of any of the above: heat, humidity, education level, income level…but the incidents are beyond my norm.

Chinese junk
Walmart gets a low ranking for any of my shopping, particularly for groceries. Chinese manufactured products, though attractively priced, are usually of inferior quality among other things. But the groceries all seem to be of lesser quality compared to what I am accustomed to at Loblaw’s and Metro back home. However, Walmart is one of the better stores to choose in this area of Florida, populated by likely lower-income residents. Now that may be the crux of what I saw at the liquor outlet adjacent to the Walmart.

Frozen in fear
I was at the cash in said liquor store, scotch, my daily libation, when suddenly a man, stocky build, shaved cranium, African-American, began yelling and shouting at the two female cashiers. The heavier set cashier responded in kind. Her language, matching her verbal assailant, would have made a marine drill sergeant blush. I was frozen in fear as all I could picture was someone pulling a gun in the heat of battle. After all, this is the USA, and there was a school shooting right here in this southern Florida burg.

Gun society
No gun was pulled, whew. The heavier set cashier did whip out her device, phone, that is and called store property surveillance/security. By the time of their arrival, our assailant had left the store, bored with the minimum effect of the ruckus he had caused.

Within minutes, situation calmed, normal conditions restored, my purchase, shaken but completed.

Just another day at Walmart in Lauderdale Lakes!

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