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Professional editors cost money. Learn how you can save money. Editors are essential for writers who want to publish their work. Writers look to editors, whether friends, family or hired professionals, to read, critique and evaluate what they have written. They want to improve their work before they throw it into the arena of publich consumption, acceptance or rejection.

Beware the costs of editors who are family or friends
Family or friends may be amicable editors. They do not want to offend or insult you. However, are they actually capable of editing as you may need? What skills do they have? What experience?

There is no value in having a friend or famly member read and evaluate your work if they have literary skills. They may compliment you easily but does this benefit your work? Worse, what if they literary skills are inferior to your own? Where does that leave you, leave your work?

Even worse, contrary evaluations could jeopardize your relationship with them.

In short, family and friends should not be a writer’s first choice as editors.

Hire a professional
Get what you paid for…a professional does this work for a living. They are skilled, practiced and experienced in editing. Many professional writers began their careers as editors, polishing and improving their writing skills by correcting and highlighting literary errors for other writers.

A professional editor will cut to the quick, get to the heart of your evaluation, quickly, direcdtly and efficiently.  Saving time means saving money. A professional knows what they are doing and will expeditiously summarize an analysis of your work.

Not enough hours in the day
Time, there’s never enough. Writing takes up much of your time, as it should. Rewriting is unavoidable. What you want to avoid is rewriting and rewriting ad nauseam. The process must be made efficient and speedy. A professional saves you time by giving you concise and succinct information which is what you need.

You’re publishing a literary work, not building friendships or bonding with family members.

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