Loneliness: learn more about it

People who live on their own have the right to choose if they want isolation and solitude. However, someone still should check in on them once in a while.

Learn a little more about loneliness
Spend 15 to 30 minutes online researching services in your community. You can try Googling the words “age-friendly” or “support for seniors” and the name of your municipality.

Canada 211
Canada 211 is available in most provinces. It’s a database of community services. Go to your province’s site and look up seniors and your municipality to see what comes up. They also can be phoned
at 416 397 4636

If you are caring for someone
Talk to others who you know are caring for someone who is aging about the supports they use and what they are struggling with.

Know about a new service in your community
If you learn something new about a service that’s available in your community, share it with others. Post to your social media, send an email to friends who may be interested, or tell someone who might benefit from the information.

Source: RTO-ERO, Retired Teachers of Ontario [ RTO-ERO.org ]

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