Welcome all writers,

Writers Advisory Guild

Our website has established an association to support and assist all writers, of every level, newbies, just starting, established and experienced.

Our goals

  • To established networks of writers;
  • To offer resource sources/centers for writers;
  • To offer links to websites that advise and support writers;
  • To report news, events, and speaker information relating to writing;
  • To provide opportunities for writers to teleconference giving them more exposure and opportunities to promote their work.
  • Currently, most of this service is available at no charge.

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  • Every writer could use these in their toolbox
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  • Be a “joiner,” not a loner.
  • Writing Articles
  • Creative writing prompts
  • Free Downloads to help writers
  • ASSOCIATIONS – stop working alone
  • EDITING – Some considerations about editing costs
  • EDITING – 10 Tips for SELF EDITING
  • EDITING – Out of date; out of touch! Edit efficiently and effectively.
  • EDITING – save money
  • EDITING – hire a professional
  • EDITING – ease the pain