Feb 10 – Rotzy’s right on target…Super Bowl and Trump bowl

Thumbs Up….
….to Skyline Living, our kindly ‘keepers’ here at 555 Harris Place (as well as 575 and 535) for their wonderful improvement on snow clearing last week. “From Nakina” isn’t gonna say they ‘went from worst to first’ in the North Brant Snow Plowing standings….Commercial Division….but compared to past performances, it was…..ahhhh…..ummm…..well…..a heckuva lot better. Last Thurs in the few hours before sun-up we were hit with a ‘massive’ dump of snow here (by Brant’s Ford standards) which was officially recorded (by “F/N”) as 1 1/2 – 2 inches. Well, dont-cha know, at 10:30AM (yes, the SAME day!) in rolls Skyline’s contractor….in a Ford F250, ‘V’ plow on the front and salt spreading unit in the back, and got right to the task at hand. OK, OK, OK…..I know some of the readership are saying ”so what??!!” Well, for starters, in two out of three ‘snow events’ they don’t show till next day, if they show at all (!) then likely just spread a tonne of salt. Secondly I’m sure they are locked into The Weather Channel and if TWC calls for sunshine and/or temps around 0C, they’ll be no-shows….either of their own accord or on direct instructions from Skyline. Nah! Maybe? You think? Sounds like ‘nickle and diming’ to Rotzy!! Anyway, there was a ‘new operator’ last week….the blonde lady from the lawn cutting/landscape company, so apparently they got rid of the last guy, who was clearly a ‘danger’ to himself as well as others. Also, another fellow who operates the Bobcat*tm is improving too. Well, sort of. Seems we’re in for a snow event tomorrow (Sun) or Mon. Stay tuned.

Medical Update
    Thanks for your many kind words and thoughts in regard to Miz. Jo’s surgery early last Wednesday ayem at BGH. A local Plastic Surgeon successfully removed a growth (aka The Thing) from the bridge of her nose beside her right eye…..done under a local anesthetic. She has a ‘follow-up appointment’ with him this Thurs, to check on the healing….and perhaps get word on the biopsy. The day of the surgery itself and yesterday in particular she was looking as if she’d just gone 5 tough rounds with Mike Tyson, but there is a BIG improvement today! (Sat). Maybe partly because Dr Rotzy got some better bandaids from SDM, and then helped R/N Jo Ann change the dressings. This was/is Miz. Jo’s third such surgery involving a biopsy and she has a 2 and 0 record, hence she will be 3 and 0, or ”we will do what we need to do ‘fix it”. That line was a Rotzy quote prior to Miz. Jo’s malignant melanoma operation circa 1997. Thanks again to everybody for your thoughtfulness!

I Was Getting Some Heat….
    ….from some friends/readers before last week’s Super Bowl Game to ‘name a winner’, so whilst writing last week’s column on Sat ayem….the day before ‘The Show’….I wrote ”the Chiefs by 10”. I did it for a few reasons; Coach Andy Reid ‘was due’; Kansas City ‘was due’; and they’ve got a helluva team, which has been thriving on second half comebacks. But all and everything else aside, they have Patrick Mahomes II at Quarterback. Well, K/C prevailed over the 49’ers, Mahomes was outstanding, named the game MVP and the Chiefs won by 11 points. So I said (to myself)….”Hey Toad….you called it, even the come-from-behind win! And you only missed the score by ONE point! They never talk to/about Jimmy ‘The Greek’ Snyder anymore….perhaps you can be the new ‘predictions guy’, sitting between Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long….Bobby ‘The Greek’ Rotzopoulous’….you think”?

I Came Back Up To #303….
….after a coffee and a couple puffs in Norm The Truck this ayem (Sun) about 8:45 to put the finishing touches on the column and was ‘intercepted’ by Miz. Jo, who’s eyes had ‘that look’….not to mention her post-op healing on a daily basis….of an ‘urge to purge’ and she directed me to the bedroom. On the mattresses were three plastic containers containing old photographs, ‘important (and non-important) papers’, records/bills/receipts and cetera, owners manuals for things we ‘purged’ years ago, a picture of my 1956-57 Alexandra Junior Schoolboy Champions Hockey Team…as well as my Mom and Dad’s Wedding Certificate from 1926! altho I know not where/when/from whom it came!!?? I kept the last two items, but when Rotzy felt the weight of the big bag full to go to the re-cycle bin, and saw one less container, knew the purge had gone well.

In Last Week’s “From Nakina”….
….Rotzy wasn’t just predicting Super Bowl results, we also touched on Trump and how he would blow his impeachment charges outta the water….well it went way beyond that, didn’t it?! And lots of comments from “F/N” readership. So….SO….in response, whilst remaining neither ‘yay nor nay’….understand??!!….yours truly could/would break things down like this. Tricky Dick Nixon was NOT tricky (or smart) enough, and got nailed/Watergated but good. One reader mentioned that Andrew Jackson had managed to avoid getting his pink slip….altho I fail to recall Wolf Blitzer and his CNN Wolf Pack even mentioning Andrew’s name! Not the same can be said for Slick Willie Clinton….who basically admitted to anybody and everybody that he’d been caught with his zipper down….more than once….but after causing a major distraction still hung onto his job. And Donald? He ‘Trumped’ them!! Big tyme. In part by using Clinton’s ‘major distraction’ idea. Nancy Pelosi maybe tore up her copy of Mr President’s speech on camera, but Trump ran that 28,000 page report through the shredder. Gone. Then, making sure that he wasn’t gonna be ‘one-upped’ by Mitt, Nancy or anybody else, he raised a lot of eyebrows….not to mention his ante….by clearly and loudly using the (never before used) word ”BULLS–T” in his speech to the senate/reps. Any bets on how long until he’s comfortable using the ‘F-word’ in and around The Capital…..just to make/enforce a point, mind you. By the bye, I also mentioned people….like his detractors….’becoming jobless’ after his acquittal. Well the ‘firings’ have started. Hang on Uncle Sam….this election campaign is gonna be something else!!

*Thought Of The Day…Do twins realize one of them was unplanned?

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