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  1. Why should I pre-plan my final arrangements?
    Arranging in advance saves money and stress for your loved ones, helps ensure your wishes are carried out exactly as you want and provides you with the comfort of knowing that it’s all been taken care of.
  2. My wishes are outlined in my Will… so why would I need to pre-arrange?
    A Will is an important legal document but often isn’t read until after the funeral. Pre-arranged planning offers security to you and your family that the money to cover your final expenses will be immediately available when it’s needed.
  3. I have life insurance… doesn’t that cover my funeral expenses?
    For many families, life insurance is purchased to help loved ones continue their lifestyle in the future, or maybe even get ahead. As with all things, funeral and cemetery costs are steadily on the rise. Therefore, there’s a risk that much of that insurance money will be needed to pay for final expenses that could be more affordably taken care of now, through pre-arrangement.
  4. Are payment plans available?
    Yes, Arbor Memorial will work with you to ensure your plans meet your financial needs. You can pay for your arrangements in their entirety, or take advantage of our payment plans, which are available for up to four years.
  5. Can I pre-pay only the cemetery plot?
    What you decide to plan ahead of time is entirely up to you. Whether you begin the process with funeral or cemetery plans, Arbor Memorial can help you and your loved ones gain a better understanding of the many traditional and contemporary options available to reflect your taste, culture, and budget.
  6. Why should I choose Arbor Memorial when pre-planning?
    It’s all about your wishes and what’s truly a reflection of the life you have lived. Arbor Memorial helps you discover the best way to celebrate your life, and Arbor Memorial also makes sure to work within your budget.
  7. What is Arbor’s Family Security Benefit Plan?
    A.When you pre-plan with Arbor, you benefit from our exclusive Family Security Plan offering a suite of features such as free funeral coverage for your child or grandchild up to age 19; convenient payments plans and a price guarantee.
  8. What happens if I move?
    Arbor’s Family Security Plan includes the right to transfer your plans if you move to a different city. Your arrangements can be fulfilled at any Arbor location across Canada that offers the same features you have chosen.
  9. What is Arbor’s four-step guidance program?
    With Arbor’s exclusive four-step guidance program, you can complete your final arrangements easily, quickly and affordably. Arbor Memorial starts in Step 1 by considering your needs and preferences. In step two, Arbor Memorial works with you to compile the necessary information. Then, in step three, Arbor Memorial creates your unique plan. The final step is creating a financial plan that fits your budget.
  10. What qualifications do Arbor pre-planning specialists have?
    Our pre-planning specialists have excellent customer service skills, and a caring, compassionate nature. They are given thorough instruction in the legal framework that governs funeral and cemetery sales in their province. Our specialists undergo constant training to update their skills and ensure they understand all the products and services available to you.
  11. Does Arbor provide estate planning, financial and legal advice?
    Arbor’s pre-planning advisors are not qualified to give you professional financial or legal advice. However, Arbor Memorial can share with you our comprehensive Estate Planning Kit. This includes a legal will guide, an executor’s handbook, and information about power of attorney. The kit also features the Official Family Registry, which allows you to easily gather all the necessary information and make it immediately available to your family or executor.
  12. What is Arbor’s Travel Plan?
    This plan, available for a one-time lifetime fee, spares your family the emotional and financial difficulty of bringing a loved one home. If death occurs more than 100 kilometres from your legal residence – even in a foreign country – the Travel Plan provides and pays for the arrangements for remains preparation and transport back to your community, with no added strain on family at an emotional time.
  13. Does Arbor offer grief support services?
    Yes. ArborCare is an important free service t1hat assists surviving loved ones with practical guidance, literature and emotional support anytime it’s needed.
  14. How is my money protected?
    Legislation requires funeral and cemetery companies to put monies received on account of a pre-arrangement into a trust account. These trust monies can only be taken out of trust to pay for the delivery of the pre-arranged product or service. Trust monies Arbor Memorial receives are held by financial institutions that have Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation depositors insurance.
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