Gazarek on CANADA DAY

As many of us prepare for another Canada Day under a cloud of guilt over Residential schools and still with some Covid restrictions, I would like to suggest that each of us pledge to do better for Canada this coming year.

Some people take the challenges I mentioned as an opportunity to lay blame. They blame the Catholic Church, the elected politicians and leaders of the time (Statues being defaced or torn down). With Covid, the blame game has been ongoing, we all have heard the wild theories.

The citizens and their leaders of Canada 150 years ago did not have the knowledge nor the wisdom that we have now. To measure them by today’s standards is easy, but hypocritical. The vast majority of Canadians felt that residential schools were a great solution for integrating the indigenous peoples into a Canadian culture. Now we all realise that was not a valid goal.

Each of us should take a minute this Canada Day, to ensure that our behavior in 2021, will not be castigated in 2121. Do we vote and support the democratic process in all elections? Are we consciously active in preserving the environment?  Are we conscious and active in maintaining a world that is just for all?

Be grateful for this great country and its institutions, especially how Canada has given us an opportunity to grow and flourish as individuals and as a society. It is not perfect, and bad things have happened in the past, but each of us through our actions can make it a bit better now and tomorrow.

Happy Canada Day

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