2020 – Hootenany, seniors turn it into a “COOTenany”

They may have snow on the roof, but the flames still burn brightly in the fireplace below.

What a great evening. These old folks may be slower, may have lost a step or two, may have their pace slowed a bit more….but they still have pizzazz, spirit or as the Italians say, “sprezzatura.” And they have it still. Marvellous people, spirited, still energized, vigoured and pumpin’.

Every Tuesday night, it’s music night at the Englewood Art Center, and you should attend if you ever are in Englewood. The center showcases any and all the seniors who want to play an instrument or vocalize a lyric. 

Yes, their versions of the old rock and roll classics may be a tad slower, but if you’re their age, you dont miss the beat. They still stir your soul, move your spirit. They re-energize your inner self. They make you feel you are still going strong, still pumpin’ with soul and spirit.

Now enjoy the a slideshow of still photos of the great folks of the music night at the Englewood Art Center.

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