Issue 1-5, JULY 2018

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Pickering Library putting an end to existing book clubs….but…


Book Clubs given termination notices

The Pickering Library has given existing book clubs within its system June 2019 as the date when they will no longer recognized as book clubs under the PPL umbrella. After that date, the existing five clubs will be treated as regular library patrons and no longer have their reserved library space set aside for their regular book club meetings.

The notification has been criticized and rejected by each one of the five existing clubs with the common view that the new policy undertaken by the PPL in its goal of modernization is detrimental and contrary to what a library should be. In trying to open more books to more users, the library has closed the books on 5 clubs who have been operating quietly and consistently for many years. One club even celebrated a 20 year anniversary, though the others, as vibrant and strong, have operated for fewer years.

In light of the PPL’s new policy, the five clubs have dedicated themselves to continuing operating but within whatever restrictive regulations imposed on them by the PPL. CEO Cathy Grant who is retiring in 2019 after many years of dedicated service to the Pickering community feels her legacy of a modern, award winning library is on firm foundation and the library’s philosophy of modernization and better integration with the community as a whole is gratifying and an achievement of which she is very proud.

How will the book clubs continue operating?
The book clubs will continue to meet as displayed in the chart:

The clubs will continue to meet at their regular meeting places at their library branches until next year. They will still be permitted full borrowing rights and full use of the library system as any other library card holder.

Cathy Grant, PPLĀ CEO, deserves the highest regards for her dedication and many years of hard work. The Pickering Library is recognized as a deserved award winner and as being among the very best libraries in Ontario. It has an abundance of resources, outstanding in its technological advancements and excellent in the service it provides to the city, all thanks to Cathy Grant and her professional and dedicated staff.

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