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PICKERING: Ward 2 Town Hall, volatile and fiery - The Ward 2 Town Hall. Mar. 20th  was a volatile and vociferous meeting managed superbly by the ward's two rookie councilors, Linda Cook and Mara Nagy. They recognized soon after… Continue reading
HEALTH: Diet or exercise: Which works best for weight loss? - Sep 19, 2016 - McMaster University - The Bottom Line Improving your diet is more effective than exercising to lose weight, but a combination of diet changes AND exercise has… Continue reading
HEALTH: The dark side of daylight saving time - Why can an hour’s time change in spring disrupt our body, sleep, and mental health? By Matthew Solan, Executive Editor, Harvard Men's Health Watch On March 12, most Americans and Canadians will… Continue reading
HEALTH: How to fall asleep when your mind won’t rest - Rein in racing thoughts with these calming, expert-backed strategies (no counting sheep required) Source: Joanne Chen, Consumer Reports If you can’t fall asleep because you’re playing back all the drama… Continue reading
HEALTH: The very best way to show your doctor/health care profession your medical information - How often have you been asked for your medical information, and medical history while visiting a medical practitioner or a clinic? If you use a cell phone or an iPad… Continue reading
EDITORIAL: City of Pickering needs to reassess how to keeps its population informed - Editorial The Ontario Government, the Durham Region and the City of Pickering need to go back to school to learn the fundamentals of information dissemination, especially in regard to the… Continue reading
HEALTH: Benefits of drinking enough water - Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water Source: JOE lEECH, MS, HEALTHLINE Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Staying hydrated can… Continue reading
PICKERING: WARD 2, Town Hall, Mar. 20, 7pm, East Shore Comm. Cntre - Ward 2 Town Hall Mar. 20, 7 pm, East Shore Community Centre Guest speaker: Kyle Bentley Chief Building Inspector City of Pickering Main discussion: the Nautical Village.    Continue reading
PICKERING: Ward 1 – 3rd TOWN HALL, friendliest and very productive - Ward 1 councilors Maurice Brenner and Lisa Robinson hosted their third town hall March 16 and it may have been the best one yet. Kudos to the councilors for holding… Continue reading
Wk 3-16-23: Cards, cards, and more cards in your wallet - Have you been at the grocery check-out and been asked if you have a loyalty card? Yes? No? You may already have one, two, or three of them. Or, none.… Continue reading
PRODUCTIVITY: NOTEZILLA digital post-it notes that beat all others, hands down - NOTEZILLA digital post-it notes that beat all others, hands down. NOTEZILLA is the best tool you can possibly add to your digital arsenal. NOTEZILLA is digital post-it notes on steroids.… Continue reading
PICKERING: Mayor ASHE supports PM Ford’s further destruction of Ontario Greenbelt - Ford govt's continues the onslaught of provincial Greenbelt regardless of studies showing no need for this in some regions of the province begs many questions. Who is behind this push… Continue reading
EDITORIAL: AI’s: potential for unleashing evil Mr. Hydes - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are two separate fictional characters in the book authored by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886. They have differences in their mental, physical, and moral characteristics,… Continue reading
PICKERING: PICKLES Newsletter . . . OUTSTANDING - Regional Councillor, Ward 3, Dave Pickles has launched his first enewsletter and it is excellent. PICKLES' eNewsletter Continue reading
PRODUCTIVITY: DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME disrupts more than just sleep - Daylight Saving Time explained Source: New York Times, Alan Yuhas What is daylight saving time and why do we have it. When is it? Unlike other, Daylight Saving time is… Continue reading
HEALTH: Exploring the benefits of MUSIC THERAPY for older adults - “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” ― Plato,… Continue reading
EDITORIAL: Snow removal is a problem for all but….. - Joanna Johnson hoped her TikTok post would heat up Ajax Mayor Shaun Collier enough to just melt the snow out of her driveway. It never melted, but her driveway got… Continue reading
The 50 Best Foods for Your Heart - The 50 Best Foods for Your Heart Source: Reader’s This list of foods that will benefit your heart is listed in alpha order. However, there are some crucial notes… Continue reading