June 29 – back, healthy and with a vengeance

Health issues are always worrisome but less so when the bill of health comes back clear!



This Is A *Memo*….
….to ‘Hawkeye’, our long-tyme ‘#2 proof-reader’ here at “F/N”. Actually, he isn’t ‘physically here’ as he lives in a small town a couple or three hours north/north-east of Brant’s Ford and he’s been on staff for many years now. Anyhow, as I write this portion of next week’s column it’s coming up to Sat noon and following my fone call from Miz. Jo about 8:00 ayem it appears Hawkeye will become #1 P/R, if only for this edition. That is because Miz. Jo’s call came from BGH (Brantford General Hospital) where she is comfortably ensconsed on the 6th floor….B Wing Medical….Room 631-2. (*see below) Apparently she won’t be released before Monday, and with no ‘direct computer access’ to her, that’s where ‘Twennie’ (not his real name) comes in….and tho this is a ‘promotion’ of sorts, it is also only a ‘temporary thing’ and to be sure, he’ll not really expect any sort of an automatic increase in pay, which is good as there surely won’t be one. It’s more of a ‘prestige type thing’. You know, something that would look good on a rez-you-may if he were to seek another similar position in the newspaper business. Having said that, I imagine I’ll be hearing from him later when he carefully peruses this first portion of “From Nakina”. I’d expect nothing less.

It’s All In A Name
….At least it all WAS in a name. I speak of ‘this new rallying/protesting thing’ that seems to be really catching on/gaining in popularity and momentum….virtually to the point where it’s ranking right up there with ‘defacing statues, monuments’, etc. of people who have long been dead….for many generations. Even longer. Often using ‘systemic racism’ as the reason for their actions, sometymes done by people of their own accord….most recently such as ‘The Dixie Chicks’, who became ‘The Chicks’….because Dixie is now a ‘bad word’?!….and a few weeks back, as reported right here in this space, ‘Lady Antebellum’ became ‘Lady A’….because ‘Antebellum’ has now fallen out of favour….only to find out ‘Lady A’ is already taken and the real Lady A’s lawyer wants some greenbacks. Now there are also those out there who want Toronto’s ‘Dundas’ St changed….I know not what to?….because apparently olde/long tyme dead Mr Dundas was/still is seen as racist. Beyond the GTA, many/most cities in Canada have a Dundas St too, probably named for the same guy, so what about them?! The group also want King and Queen St changed….because ”kings and queens represent ‘white colonialism’ at its utmost”. I THINK that’s what the report said. *A reader sent in this item….Quaker Oats are dumping Aunt Jemima because of ‘racial sterotyping’. (*say what!!??….why the pink slip?….because she was a heavy-set, 60-something, black lady with a wonderful smile??!!) Her name and likeness….gone….I would guess forever. But here’s the kicker….Aunt Jemima’s real name is/was Nancy Green, born a slave somewhere in Kentucky who came to work for a successful advertisement lawyer who was tied in with Quaker. They had ‘auditions’ to find the lady who would launch the Aunt Jemima line of products. Guess who they picked? Well, Nancy Green became very famous, travelling all over for decades, making appearances, giving demonstrations, promoting Quaker’s products. She died in 1923 at age 89….as one of America’s first black millionaires!! And Quaker is going to remove that ‘wonderful smile’ from the shelves?? To show they’re not into ‘racial stereotyping’ of course. Whatever.

It’s Sunday 7:30 AM….
….as I’m working on the second half of this week’s “F/N” column and in rolled the lawn and landscape contractor Skyline Living has looking after the property here at 555 Harris Place….they fired up the Kubota ride ’em mower, two push mowers and a weed eater….and set off…..I repeat, ”Sunday at 7:30AM”! Well, Rotzy’s not complaining about the early start-up, nor the fact that it’s the Sabbath….and I seriously doubt many/any other residents in the three buildings will either. Let’s face it, these lawns and gardens were looking pretty damned shoddy up to about a month ago….and I expect Skyline read the riot act to the contractor. I had heard that 555 along with 535 and 575 are Skyline’s ‘flagship’ location(s) in Brantford….so, you get my drift. The improvement has been incredible….because they come more often and there are more of them in the work crew, which I’d bet the owner/manager has ‘weeded out’ the slackers….no pun intended. Speaking of ‘weeding’, they also hired a lady who lives in 575 on a ‘part-tyme basis’ to do just that for a few hours 3 or 4 days a week and that helps immensely….hence, a “From Nakina” thumbs-up to Skyline! Having said that, let’s not get carried away with high fives and cartwheels as we were notified by our keepers last week of a rent increase in October. S–t.

Health Update (*see above)
….Miz. Jo told me ”don’t write about me” in this week’s column….but….just so’s you’ll know, OK? She’s been in BGH (Btfd Gen Hosp) since Wednesday….a whole bunch of ‘things’ out of whack. Electrolytes, calcium, magnesium and cetera, all of which manifest/present/show themselves different ways….none of them good. However, her improvement since her incarceration has been excellent….she likes her ‘new’ doctor, she likes 3 of her 4 nurses, she likes porridge and/or Cream Of Wheat(!) and she likes to save her breakfast muffin for a 10:00AM snack. She likes to read, so I gotta ‘smuggle’ another book into her today. She’d like to come home tomorrow….Monday….and her doctor said ‘maybe’. She is REALLY tired of carrots….the little square cubed ones. She’d like to thank everybody for the kind words and ‘get well quick’ wishes!

*Thought Of The Day…So, let me get this straight, there’s no cure for a virus that can be killed by a sanitizer and/or hand soap!

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