Liberals pirates show no class

That ship has sailed.

The SNC-Lavalin affair is a serious embarrassment for the Liberal Party of Canada. So the party needs to distract voters from its questionable set of values and principles. They have resorted to distraction, resorting to a campaign of mudslinging. Says a lot about their idea of being a party of principles.

Ralph Goodale has dragged out a 15 year old parliament newsclip where Andrew Sheer opposes same sex marriage. View the video. We held Goodale in much higher regard than stooping to this level of political mudslinging.

Whether one agrees or rejects the idea, it is the law of the land now. Same sex marriages are legal in Canada. Andrew Sheer is a law abiding Canadian and recognizes the legitimacy of that law. Like many other Canadians, Sheer may not like the principle, may not agree with it but he accepts it. 

Trudeau’s father had the right idea when he said the government had no right to be in one’s bedroom. We have come a long way where we now have laws that protect people and their private lives. Live with it, accept it even if you don’t agree. 

Andrew Sheer can believe what he wants but he must abide by the laws of the nation which he does and publicly accepts. He may have had a public position which was diametrically opposed to this kind of relationship in 2005 but his public position is different today. He has broadened his thinking; he has modified his public stance. To criticize him for his past views is unacceptable mudslinging, at the very least, it is being out of date. That ship has sailed. Sheer is navigating new waters. The Liberals are still in dry dock.

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