Mar 8 – a bear hug of a message if you can bear the last part

‘Tyme To Step Up”….
….relayed Miz. Jo as she read the Facebook*tm note that was posted last Thursday or Friday by a couple friends of ours up Nakina. The subject matter was/is not new and I have written about it a few tymes over the twenty years we called the town at the end of #584 our home….curlers. Or the lack of them, to be more to the point. Especially for Friday Night Curling. It almost seems to go in ‘cycles’….attendance will improve at tymes, and then drop off for some reason. Apparently the Curling Club’s recent Annual Funspiel was succesful but ‘the warnings’ have surfaced….again….”use it or lose it”….and ”IT” means the Curling Rink as well as the Hockey/Skating Rink. The ‘warnings/threats’ (always from Greenstone Works and Rec) are not new and it would seem that it’s ‘message received’, at least to the point that the man with the padlocks has been avoided as a few folks went digging for their brush, shoes and cetera. Well Nakina, it’s tyme once again to preserve/hang onto an amazing, long-tyme curling history. As Rotzy has often said in years past, ‘see you at the Complex! (*at this point in tyme not likely to happen, but you get my drift, eh?)

Jo Bear Update
…Things are going well on the ‘Jo Bear Assembly Line’ here in Unit #303….averaging ONE bear (from start to finish) per day, altho yesterday TWO rolled off! Yours truly delivered the first order to a Seniors Residence down the street, then a couple individuals had requests, a potentially large number is pending from EMS but I believe the current inventory of 10 (from a total of 24) methinks is destined for BGH Pediatric Ward….but bumped up to a couple dozen. Anyway, I guess word is getting around the building(s) here at Harris Place, then last week Miz. Jo received a big bag of assorted colours of wool from a lady up on the 4th floor! Helping Jo Ann in keeping with her ”no-two-Jo-Bears-the-same” motto, so a BIG Thank You goes out to her!!

There Were A Lot….
….of ear to ear smiles, self-pats on the back, fist bumps and high fives last week down at the elevator landing on Floor One as a couple Live-In-Managers from our building (#555) were ‘holding court’ of sorts whilst they revealed the results of the recently conducted email ‘Satisfaction Survey’, undertaken by our kindly keepers, Skyline Living. Skyline are also the owners of #535 and #575, part of this complex; approximately 20 properties in Brant’s Ford; and numerous other properties/buildings across Ontario. Having said that, WE….the 150 units within #555 that is!….appear to be one big happy/satisfied bunch!! And our Resident Managers told those gathered that #555 had scored 4.5…..OUT OF FIVE that is!! Guess what? WE were/are the BEST….The Best in our complex….The Best In Brantford….perhaps even The Best In Ontario!? I gotta check into that, but still, doesn’t it make you wanna jump into Queen’s rendition of ”We Are The Champions”???!!! No? Anyway, it’s a good thing for Skyline….especially #555….that the survey was taken a week and a bit ago! I rode up on the elevator yesterday aft with a lady who, along with her husband, just got back from a week in Mexico. Not a happy camper was she….nor was he I assume….somebody had removed the catalytic converter from their Hyundai Tucson as it sat in here in Skylines parking lot!! Right under Skylines’ 24 hour watchful eye of their numerous cameras!!! The part cost them $2100.00 Ouch!  Had the holidayers….and the thief(s)….been a week or so earlier that 4.5 score woulda been much different. Then my conversation with another resident indicates yet another part ‘went missing’ from a vehicle down front of the #575 building. Stay tuned.

Readers Write
   And for a number of them over the past couple weeks, it’s quite clear that people want to see an end to these First Nation rail and road blockades….which are at the point now of not even getting headlines for ‘breaking news’ any more….so let’s get them gone. Another sore point with readers….a ‘fwd’ which we’ve received half a dozen of….may or may not have been circulated as a response to the ongoing blockades and/or perhaps it was done out of frustration and/or anger. It came as an article from The Calgary Sun, and of course people have added their own thoughts/concerns to it….and they were many. The headlines immediately grab your attention….I expect whether you’re Native or non-Native….”The Federal Government Has Paid Indian Affairs $3.3 Trillion Dolllars (Cdn) *I believe that’s a total accumulation since I/A’s inception. (in 1946?) It goes on to say there has been ‘NO dollar return’ on the $3.3 T’s either….zero! So….SO….in Stephen Harper’s last term as Prime Minister he introduced The Accountability Act….which was ‘long overdue’ to say the least. Of course, as you/we know Justin Trudeau beat Harper badly in the next election, and of course J/T turfed the Act shortly after being sworn in. (wonder what Junior would do if he could ‘have that one back again’?? But I digress….back to the Sun article….it goes on at great lengths about many F/N Chiefs being grossly overpaid….one in Alberta making $750 G a year, and ALL chiefs making more than Junior Trudeau himself!! The one that always comes to mind for me is Theresa Spence…the loose cannon from Attawapiskat who eventually shot herself and her ‘fiance’ in the foot. Now….yours truly has heard stuff about ”fake news”….going around everywhere they say….and no doubt some will call The Sun article ”fake” too….you think? It seems no one has…at least up to this point. I’ll digress again here if I may… to the Federal Government(s) who’ve handed that $3.3 Trillion to Indian Affairs over the years….to quote Doctor Phil….”How’s that workin for ya”?

*Thought Of The Day…If I say I will do it, I WILL do it! No need to remind me every six months.

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