May 2 – Lamentations that come with age

Rotzy laments some of the lamentations that come with ageing: health, girth, height decrease, memory instability. Life unfolding normally and its many challenges. But his sense of humour and his opinions and political barbs are as sharp as ever.

It’s Friday 8:25AM….
….and methinks I’ll get a head start on next week’s “F/N” column….I’m thinking it’s better/easier when I spread it over three days rather than Sat and Sun. For starters I can’t recall if last week’s contained ‘Rotzy’s Health Update’ or not? and I can’t access a copy of it at the moment, so I’ll go ahead and get y’all current. Tuesday was my cardiologist visit and I’m calling it a success, as I produced a B/P of 121/70 61P right off the bat, an ECG that apparently was fine, and seeing as he doesn’t want/need to see me again until October; Wed….VON 7:20AM…..legs….all clear….elbow re-bandaged….appt for next Wed; family doctor Wed 10:15AM good report….slight changes in three different meds….Wed. 11:00AM Pharmacist…..p/up my pill packs and review the ‘changes’ made by Doctor; Friday 11:45AM….EMS….regular monthly visit for Miz. Jo and Rotzy down in the Algonquin Room here at Harris Place to check our temp, B/P, changes in prescriptions, COVID info, and cetera. Hence we each have our own booklet with all our pertinent info if/when we need an ambulance. A very worthwhile program that more oldsters here in Skyline’s 3 building ‘compound’ could/should be making use of, you think? Anyway, thee highlight of the week for the olde guy came during my Wednesday ayem doctor’s appointment as his nurse did the ‘routine stuff’….take my B/P, climb onto the Toledo’s, both of which went well, then my height….which they don’t always bother with, and FINE by me! Rotzy used to stand 6′ 1” above sea level, but somehow through gravity, 9 knee operations and 2 back surgeries, I’ve been checking in 5’ 7 3/4”. Well folks, just call me ‘Stretch’….as that is what I did…..I ‘stretched’!…..’internally’ I suppose….NO, not stepping on my tippy-toes, just a concerted effort to standup straighter. And I DID!! as the top of yours truly’s pumpkin reached 5′ 8” on the measuring device. Now I’m wondering if a tad more effort might result in the olde guy getting up to the ‘rarified air zone’ around 5′ 9”?! Imagine. Stay tuned.

‘Back In The Day’….
Getting Bits And Pieces….
….of Ottawa Protest…The Sequel….up to last weekend. You know, the guys and gals on their Harley Hogs and Honda Gold Wings en route to Bytown to……….WTF is it they were/are gonna do?? The Freedom Ride To Honour Veterans….c’mon, that’s not really what it’s about, however it COULD/SHOULD mean The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier won’t be danced, pranced and shat upon this tyme. Plus a couple ‘other’ titles/reasons. I picked up some tidbits from a little chinwag with two other BGG members and there was no mistaking that 75-80% of these 350 to 400 ‘Bytown-Bound Bikers’ are definitely ensconced in the DENSA division of MENSA. It’s coming out loud and clear to Rotzy since last mid-week that their ride is all about MANDATES….just like it was with the first bunch of protesters-turned-rioters. But wait a minute….the #2 crew is 1/4 the size of #1…..the bikes don’t have air horns…..*do they?….most know where Pt Dover is for Friday The 13th Rides, but a lot of ’em can’t find ‘Bytown’ in a Rand/McNally ….those who DO make it will immediately find a new Police Chief…who has balls….and a force ready and willing to protect its’ citizens….and Ottawans (Ottawanians, Ottawaites….go with Bytowners) especially restaurant/fooderies/bars are more than willing to tell the ‘visitors’ that ”we don’t want you”….”go on home” and cetera. Rotzy’s betting they ‘cough’ a lot too, you know, those ‘far coughs’?! Bye the bye, I know not where our ‘leader’ is during this?(*see below) So….SO….I said (to myself) ”WTF is next for our poor capital? A thousand electric cars converge on Ottawa on Canada Day….Trudeau finally makes an appearance, on the THIRD protest/invasion, welcomes/congratulates them, excludes them from his ‘carbon tax! and they all ‘plug in’ at once, leaving the capital in a 3-day ‘brown out’. Most of the signs read “No More Mandates…On anything.

A Sad Tale….But True
Whilst President Volodomir is BEGGING for Weapons, Planes, Tanks, People and cetera, Junior Trudeau is popping off on the damage Canada has done to Russian infrastructure by means of SANCTIONS against certain Ruskie citizens and/or corporations….of late it would appear we’re taken aim on Putin’s two daughters. Really? Well now, THAT is gonna be the heck of Moscow, you think? Look….that’s all we can do….that and buy them new stuff…..from abroad. Can you hear a fone call from Volod to J/T? ”Look Justin…..I need planes….fighter jets”! “OK, Mr President….I’m a tad shy right now…..BUT…..I can give you 2 or 3 F-14’s…..4 Harvard Trainers (good planes)…..a Hercules Transport…..A Lancaster Bomber….PLUS you can have the Blue Angels precision team….there’s 5 or 6 of them. A big two-blade chopper” and a Sopwith Camel float plane. What about soldiers”? ”We’re about 10,000 short at the moment but we’ll try….Don’t forget we have to keep control of the Canada/Russia Border up in the Arctic Circle”! *The Truth*? Junior is embarrassed to talk about ‘Defence’….as he SHOULD be. Hey Canada…..we kicked their Yankee asses in 1814, set fire to their (former) White House on our way home! But face it Junior, Uncle Sam has covered our Canuck asses pretty much ever since.

*Thought Of The Day…At the end of the day, it’s…………………………….night.

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