END GAME by David Baldacci

Master of the thriller dialogue, Baldacci pulls it off every time. This novel demands more engagement from the reader but pays it back in spades.

Again, a Baldacci thriller which will appeal to those who enjoy military action and constant guessing as to who are really the villains…

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Will Robie and Jessica Reel are two of the most lethal people alive. They’re the ones the government calls in when the utmost secrecy is required to take out those who plot violence and mass destruction against the United States. And through every mission, one man has always had their backs: their handler, code-named Blue Man.

But now, Blue Man is missing.

Last seen in rural Colorado, Blue Man had taken a rare vacation to go fly fishing in his hometown when he disappeared off the grid. With no communications since the team can’t help but fear the worst.

Sent to investigate, Robie and Reel arrive in the small town of Grand to discover that it has its own share of problems. A stagnant local economy and a woefully understaffed police force have made this small community a magnet for crime, drugs, and a growing number of militant fringe groups.

But lying in wait in Grand is an even more insidious and sweeping threat, one that may shake the very foundations of America. And when Robie and Reel find themselves up against an adversary with superior firepower and a home-court advantage, they’ll be lucky if they make it out alive, with or without Blue Man…

Richard’s comments
Again, though it bears repetition, Baldacci is the master of the action-packed thriller and he reaches that pinnacle through dialogue which is on point, concise and suspenseful. His plot again nears believability in this day and age of society worrying about Armaggedon and nuclear self-annihilation.

Robie and Reel, a team of military vets who could be mentors or instructors in a military Seal training academy. Reel, a female vet who outperforms any man but has sensitivity and emotions usually credited as applicable and relating to women more than man. Robie, on the other hand, is the typical male, more emotionally objective and hardened, but more puzzled when it comes to relationships and their emotional intricacies. That relationship interplay between Robie and Reel is the palette behind the story, will they, can they, might they. A suspense Baldacci plays out until the very last page, the very last line.

One must enjoy reading about guns, their technical specifications, their power and how they are best used. Baldacci does his research and presents it in an entertaining and engaging way.

Given the relentless growth of the right in our socio-political world, the plot rings true with right-wing groups opposing the status quo of society today and the government dynamics under which citizens are forced to live. The reality of the world today and the power and development of the right-wing forces is mirrored by Baldacci’s story.

The story is superbly developed, suspenseful and rivetting. However, if a reader’s book diet is predominantly this genre of books, these books become burdensome and tedious as the plot may differ but the atmosphere is repetitive.

A worthwhile read only if military-like action is your appeal. If you like Baldacci’s style of writing, he does not let you down. He writes a very readable story, a good tale, and an entertaining book.

3 stars for sure !

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