No, it’s never too late

John P. Weiss is a cartoonist, painter, and philosopher, writing about life. A former police chief and editorial cartoonist, he retired early to become a full-time writer and artist. He writes about life lessons, personal growth, and the creative arts. You should meet John, but here is a chance to see a bit of his work:

An excerpt….

“Maggie, do you know what the actor Christopher Reeves once said? ‘I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure despite overwhelming obstacles.’
I love that quote. Besides, there are lots of artists who found success later in life.” With that, Douglas took a sip of coffee and nibbled on his scone.

“Oh really, name one,” Maggie said.

“Millard Kaufman wrote his first novel, ‘Bowl of Cherries,’ when he was 90 years old. Kathryn Bigelow was nearly 60 when she directed ‘The Hurt Locker’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty.’ She won an academy award. The artist Louise Bourgeois created drawings, prints, and sculptures all her life, but only became well known in her early 70s after a 1982 retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.” Douglas took another bite of his scone, pleased with himself.

Read more of the article, “No, it’s never too late,” written by John.

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