Oct 25 – lookin for a clean bill of health

Rotzy’s gettin’s healthier each day…pretty soon he’s going to be born again !

Healthy, Wealthy And Wise
Rotzy is under no delusions that the latter two descriptions are, in any way, shape or form, connected to yours truly, but after last week….which included my ongoing twice-a-week appointments at the V.O.N., not to mention a real, live (not-virtual), in-person visit to see our family doctor….I’d give my current overall health a definite ‘thumbs up’. Not necessarily a 9 out of 10, which would/could call for a cartwheel or two, but surely a ‘passing grade’ (like a 7?) which might be accompanied by a couple ‘fist punches’ or a ‘high five’. As to the V.O.N., they been bandaging and compressing ‘drainage spots’ mostly on my lower legs since May, until last Friday which meant I’d been over a week with no patches, hence I’m finished with them and they with me! As to Dr. S. (not his real name), Oct 18 was the first we’d been face to face in almost two years, hence he gave me a pretty thorough going-over, stethoscope and cetera. So….SO…. Rotzy got kudos on what the ticker and the lung-sounding told him, and he said the latest results from my recent blood-work at Life Labs indicated my quarterly average sugar numbers were down a tad (good), with liver, kidneys, etc. functioning fine. Plus my weight’s down 7 or 8 lbs from normal. He’s also going along with Miz. Jo ‘rationing out’ a meagre SIX smokes a day….then he says to me “What would Santa (that would be ME) like at Xmas”? I replied ”a carton of Marlboroughs”? ”NO! How about telling your wife you’re quitting altogether”?! I said ”Leave that one with me, OK Doctor”? Then he mentioned possibly switching me off my long-tyme diabetes pill Metformin*tm to a different/new med which also benefits one’s heart….after checking with my cardiologist. It also tends to make one pee more! I said “Holy s–t doctor, I’m already on TWO ‘pee pills’ a day, could ‘out-piss a race-horse’….and you wanna give me more”??!! So he says ”no problem, we can get around that by cutting out one of your current ‘pee pills’. Anyway, stay tuned….and Rotzy is pretty happy with my mark…even tho I gave it to myself. Maybe people will stop looking at me like I’m not supposed to be here?

Readers Write
Well….this fellow seems not in the least supportive towards the ‘non-vaccine bunch’, as his following four points will clearly reveal….check ’em out! *Ever look at someone and think ”Why hasn’t anyone hit you with a shovel yet”?!(*see below) **If common sense was lard, most of you A-V (Anti-Vaccine) people wouldn’t be able to grease a pan!! (*see below) ***It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled. (Mark Twain) ****Remember when we had to smack the TV because the channel wasn’t coming in clearly? I feel that way about far too many people. *Thanks, and keep on sending em.

More Readers Write
I got a Jim dandy email last Thurs that started off as a reply to an item in last week’s “F/N” column/rant on road rage and yours truly’s upset and just how rude and ignorant stupid people can be….then the letter tied that to the question of ‘masques’, how, where and when they should be worn….with a nearby eatery as the location of what was close to a ‘confrontation’ between Moe (not his real name) and another customer, who ‘qualifies’ for BOTH of the (*see below)’s just above here. Anyway, to his credit our reader put 2 and 2 together, saw what he was dealing with, and common sense said ‘let it ride….not worth it”. Good move. But there was an underlying problem that was/is certainly tied to masques and the overall upset caused by the COVID-19 situation, in particular, Vaccine….which we actually spoke about the next day….and the fact that Rotzy comes away with after our chat is how COVID gets SO damned much ‘coverage, conversation and cetera’ we have FORGOTTEN about things like the FLU. And SHINGLES. Imagine. You know, insignificant little diseases like that. So Rotzy poked my head in at my doctor’s receptionist whilst leaving the pharmacy Friday to axe about it, and guess what? Nope….they don’t have any….either one. No more Fall Flu Shots needed anymore? Shingles is gone? Imagine. Well, that’s a damned good thing….Miz. Jo suffered through a bout of shingles about 30 years ago. And Moe (not his real name) showed me some pix of HIS Shingles….whoa! Rotzy wouldn’t even wish that stuff on an anti-vaccine crusader. Nope. Meanwhile I suppose I’ll wait for my doctor’s office to call….so get your COVID shot(s), OK?! note* if this item makes no sense to you I’m sure you’re not alone, you can colour me there too….we’re SO wrapped up in/with COVID we can’t think straight anymore. And normal?….as in ‘back to normal’? That’s a pipedream.

Rotzy’s ‘Keyboard Comeback’….
took place last week at ‘Heron Head’, down in the Holmedale ward of Brant’s Ford. For those not in the know, ‘Heron Head’ is not a pub/club/bar or any such type of establishment. It’s a bicycle shop. Brand new shiny, pastel-coloured bicycles, used bicycles….and altho I didn’t see any ‘penny farthings’ on display, I’m sure Stan would be pleased to get one for you….it appears he has anything/everything that moves on spoke-ed wheels. So….SO….you’re asking,…”why is there a piano in Heron Head Bicycles and why were YOU playing it”? Well, because Stan bought it…a beautiful Heintzman*tm upright grand!!….and he invited me and anyone else who read the piece on Facebook*tm to stop by the shop on Morrell St and try it out, no strings attached and you don’t HAVE to buy a bike….or anything else he has for sale. Miz. Jo told me about the offer….adding that her cousin Sylvia (not her real name) had been there and played it….and she knew I would like to give the Heintzman a try as it’s been a couple decades for yours truly since playing piano, or ANY type of keyboard for that matter….and, at a tyme when I had some feeling in my paws, along with better flexibility. ”Hey Toad” I said (to myself) “Nike tyme”, ”Just Do It”! for crissakes, you’re not auditioning for Massey Hall”!! And Stan The Bike Guy added “I can only play Chopsticks” as I tried to recall MY ‘repertoire’, then how to play it. Long story short, Stan did say he ‘recognized a Beatle’s song’ but Rotzy’s ‘2021 Pianoman Fall Tour’ is ‘on hold’. So, you wanna tickle the ivories on a Heintzman? Drop by Heron Head Bicycles at 120 Morrell St. Stan sells AND rents bikes as well!! Tell him Rotzy says ‘Hi’.

BGG Update
The Brantford Guy Group had a well-attended meeting at The Navy Club last Friday….not sure on the actual attendance but there were nearly 20 of us! Most of the recently named Presidents For Life ‘got mention’, altho I’m only aware of one (or perhaps two) getting nailed for a ’round for the table’, which I’d calculate to be in the $70 range, with tip. Whoa!! that’s beyond Rotzy’s means. And one non-thinking member (in the DENSA sector, rather than MENSA) almost was hit with the ’round for the House’ for his ‘hat removal upon entry’ infraction, which is applicable in legions and ex-servicemen’s clubs and coulda/woulda been $100+….but methinks the barkeep took pity on him. Or he bribed her. Word’s getting around about the BGG and the ‘newest president’ came all the way from Vancouver! The Sgt-At-Arms is still talking about a ‘permanent location’ for meetings, altho I know not if all 7 Presidents are in agreement….so stay tuned.

*Thought Of The Day…Once you hit a certain age you become permanently unimpressed by a lot of s–t.  (Morgan Freeman)

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