EVENTS: Pickering lit up the night

If you couldn’t be there, view some highlights of the city celebration in the photos and videos below.

The weather was perfect, a balmy 5C with no wind. The crowd of more than 5,000 people well mannered, courteous and respectful of everyone being able to enjoy a night out enjoying festivities of the city.

A firecracker festivity
Dec 1st, Pickering Esplanade

Mayor Dave Ryan was justifiably proud of the success of the city’s Lighting up the Christmas Lights event. It was an explosive success!

Mayor Dave reviews his Christmas greetings notes

The night was a balmy, a windless evening, surprisingly warm for the first night of December, the kind of weather everyone appreciates when they are outside for a couple of hours. In this case, the waiting was worth it.

The esplanade behind the City Hall-Pickering Library was overflowing with an undulating mass of Pickering people. Families, singles, couples, kids, and senior kids too, locals and visitors from away, over 5000 people mingled, jingled and tingled with anticipation as they waited for the fireworks show to spark.

On the dot, 8:30 pm and the first bursts lit up the black sky above. A nearly full moon shone down on the throng who were about to enjoy the culmination of their anticipation.

Mayor Ryan was pleased with what his city hall team had done. He told us, “This is a really great crowd. I think it’s the biggest we have ever had for such an event.” The mayor really should stand tall on this one. It was a crowd pleaser of a night, made so particularly by the mayor’s weather request to Mother Nature had been heard and she responded with the balmiest night one could expect for December.

The towering SNOW QUEEN

The JUGGLER awes the kids

The crowd was happy, friendly and cheerful. Everyone mingled with everyone else, the friendly jostles and spirit-filled bumps gave rise to ubiquitous “Sorry” so prevalent when a bunch of Canadians make up a crowd. A tall Snow Queen garbed in white taffeta, bright as snow and flowing to the ground 10 feet below, stumped among the celebrating crowd. A juggler dressed in a skin clinging royal blue leotard outfit decorated with silvery stars and shiny sparkles entertained the spectators as she juggled and flipped brightly illuminated billiard ball sized globes. Kids were fascinated, even the “senior kids” found her juggling awesome.

The fireworks show started punctually to the relief of many parents with their excited “tagalongs” in tow. The sparkly display was ooh’d and ahh’d by thousands for nearly half an hour. A really spectacular show for our city.

To Mayor Dave, his fellow councillors and all the civic employees behind the organization and presentation of this fantastic event,  the appreciative participants at the celebration say…

Merry Christmas to you!

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