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Best Seller lists are hogwash!
Ditto on the Man Brooker award!
Same for the Giller Prize for books and most of those awards.  I dismiss them because they are based on some ‘hidden agenda;’ maybe process of elimination; or patriotic nationalism. Books for many of these lists are not selected on the basis of popularity or reader feedback but on other criteria for selection. Likely chings at the till rather than borrowing from the local library? Ask an actual reader of the book and often the book is rated much lower than as seen on many best seller lists; sometimes the book is even panned. Yet it attains award status. How can that be?

The best BEST SELLER list compiled here is based on actual reader feedback. Readers like you sent in authors or titles that they have actually read and enjoyed. Some of these contributors even added short reviews.

[ Sincere thanks goes out to all those contributors ]


Backman, Fredrik       A man called Ove

Brown, Dan                 Any Title

Coben, Harlen            Home

Cooper, Cheryl           Canadian Author

Fallis, Terry (Cdn)        Any Title

Ferguson, Will (Cdn)    Canadian Pie, 419

Grisham, John            Any Title

Johnson, Plum       They left us everything

Karon, Jan:         At Home in Mitford

McCall Smith, Alexander      No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series

Myron, Vicki:      The Small-Town Library Cat Who

Patterson, James       Any Title

Penman, Sharon        Any Title

Pilcher, Rosamund       The Shell Seekers

Potter, Harry       Any Title






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