#5 – Remembering names

Embarrassing to say the least, when you were just introduced to the person 5 minutes ago, and you cannot remember their name. Embarrassing for sure, but in the business world, a major faux pas.

Remembering names is a challenge, but one which can be beaten.

All of us hope the gathering of people will use name tags. It makes life so much easier, a memory so much more successful.

Remembering names is difficult because no matter how much value you may put on that name, your subconscious values the name as a word, not that important. You may think it is important for you to remember the name, but your mind sees the name merely as a word, not high on its priority list.

Reprioritize the name by classifying it as important to your memory. Tell yourself this name is important, so I have to remember it.

However, there are other strategies to use if you want to remember the name. Apply the 3R’s process explained in Strategy #3, RECALL, REPEAT and REVIEW the name.

Other strategies to use to help remember the name of a person: repeat the name out loud, especially in a conversation with that person. Associate the name with something which you do remember, maybe an animal, maybe another person, maybe a symbol or a colour but keep it simple. Stick with fewer memory cues, say either the animal or the colour to avoid brain fatigue, mental overload. Every now and then RECALL the party or the meeting where you met the person and REVIEW and REPEAT the names. If you use this mental REVIEW method and picture the people at the event, you will surprise yourself at how many names you remember.

My name is Richard.

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