Rain, rain…go away!

What’s in a name they ask. Annabel May is a name created to poke fun at the rainy season we now endure and call it Spring. While flowers are budding and birds are trying to build nests, the season seems confused so it just cry to send a message that says, I don’t really know what to do with myself. Look closely at your garden then and see if the message of Annabel May, speaks of the truth of your garden blooms?

How beautiful is the garden of Annabel May, even though she cries herself to sleep at night. Her head she bows in the seasons passed. Now here we are in the month of May so Annabel May will not delay. In the dawn of her daylight glimmer, she wipes her tears from the morning dew as May showers usually wash the rest of her tears away. When the sun arises in the eastern sky, the baby buds of flowers promised awake to see the light of day. An abundance of rain in the month of May supplies the earth the needed moisture for Annabel flower buds to drink and cheer. May flowers will find their water balance as nature drains the excess water to the cistern floor. With an array of natures’ bloom culminated as the end result of heavy rain, the morning due and sunshine too.

Out of the earth, they whisper songs, they display the evidence of Spring beautiful Spring. With shouts of joy, they clap their hands, like children in a classroom cheer. Nothing is more beautiful than that of Annabel May, as she donned her magnificence with purity and pride because sooner rather than later, the sun begins to dominate, and true beauty will prevail. May your Spring be purposeful, and your longing comes to an end when Annabel May reaches her full lifespan. Enjoy the splendour and grandeur of Annabel May. May it all be worthwhile, since Annabel May cannot stay, with the arrival of the next season, Annabel May, lives only for a short time and her visits are considered long overdue while her stay is always too short lived.

Enjoy the joys of Annabel May with showers of rain concentrated in May.

Erma Washington
May 15th, 2019.

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