Reality is crazier than political satire

VEEP is a HBO comedy series spoofing American politics. Truth be told, I have only watched part of one episode. The growing popularity of the show is making me do a rethink about watching again, but in full.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus, of Seinfeld fame, has been fortunate to found a hit TV show while other stars from that outstanding series continue to struggle to find a salvage of their previous fame.

VEEP is political satire deriding the American political stage. However, Ben Terris (Washington Post) feels TV satires play second fiddle to the crazier world of reality in Washington.

Donald Trump continues to astound everyone with his endless gaffs, pivots and outlandish claims. He is proving to be a master at these ploys.

Divert, divert, divert
Trump’s modus operandi has one intent, even if there seems to be another more blatant one for any new action he announces: to divert attention from really serious damage by something he has done or failed to do.

Look at the political issues which he wants swept under the carpet and kept out of public sight:

  1. His treasonous connections with Russia during his election campaign
  2. His pleas to the Russian government to reveal Hillary’s emails
  3. His continued refusal to allow public viewing of his tax returns

This man has many things to hide and his diversionary strategies distract Americans from demanding revelation of his criminal and treasonous endeavours.

From my very limited viewing of VEEP, I would say that TV may be trying to poke fun at the Washington political scene but it plays second fiddle to the realities of Donald Trump.

Ben Terris writes a great piece reminding all that ‘truth is stranger than fiction,’ or that ‘reality outdoes any TV production.;

Read Terris article: FULL ARTICLE



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