Sept 20-27 – Heart problems slow us all down…particularly medical ones

It was a louse week last week, if you count a heart attack as being a lousy week. Rotzy’s back thanks to great hospital care in Hamilton and every efficient EMT service in Brantford. 

Way to go Rotzy…now take greater self care fella !!

Most Of The Contents….
….of THIS week’s “F/N” column were supposed to go in LAST week’s “F/N” column, but unfortunately there WASN’T a “F/N” column last week as Rotzy was being held captive in room 558-2 (and 562-1) on Brantford General’s 5th floor, Cardiac Wing, whilst dealing with ‘heart issues’ (*see below) . (**note**no apologies from this end, but if you’d prefer NOT to read about ‘hospitals/medical stuff, that kind of s–t, etc’., skip the first couple items, or maybe skip the “F/N” column completely and go to the next page, but yours truly is gonna inform the readership on what’s going on here at “F/N”HQ, regardless. OK? Good. Rotzy had a heart attack. OK? Got it? On Thursday (the 16th) as I was doing my part of getting supper ready Miz.Jo axed me ‘what’s wrong?” then informed me I was REALLY ‘looking like a wilted lily’, altho in terms a little more ‘attention-getting’, then my rather odd/kinda confusing reply….or lack thereof….prompted a fone call to 9-1-1/EMS, quoting Jackie Gleason’s line ”and away we go”! Not unlike my ride with them down to BGH back in March when the ‘heart issues’ (*see above) turned out to be ‘congestive heart failure’. So….SO….let’s get things in order here, OK? That was THEN….this is NOW….OK? Good. And firstly, Rotzy wants to thank the dozens of people/friends for their kind words/get well soon wishes that Miz Jo relayed to me regularly, even before the olde guy was actually diagnosed! S–t!!  I could’ve come down with COVID-19 for all they knew! NOT!!! Anybody and everybody who knows Rotzy (and Miz. Jo) is aware I’m not some dumb-ass, olde phool rocking the ‘vaccine boat’ along with a number (in truth, not all THAT many) of band waggoners who make statements and such that only very stupid people would make….as they continue painting their sorry-asses into ‘non-COVID vaccine’ corners. You see, when one is THAT deaf/dumb/blind toward reality, it takes them tyme to catch on…however, being ‘shunned’ by everybody/everything/everywhere seems to be working. “Whoa there, Toad”!!! I said (to myself) “What the **** are you thinking/writing/worrying about THEM for??!! YOU have just had a heart attack”! (*see below) “OK, OK, OK….’nuff said”! 

In The Beat Of A Heart
    “A little heart attack” sayeth the doctor who released me from BGH on Sat (the 25th), as he demonstrated with his thumb and forefinger about 1/2 an inch apart, NINE days(?) after my arrival, hence I imagined (to myself) “That’s not TOO severe, Toad….perhaps a 4 or a 5 outta 10, you think”? and ‘much better than the alternative’ as my pal Ollie (*(not his real name) would add. ‘No sharp/stabbing pain at all’ and Miz Jo. (thankfully I hope) pointed out ‘and it wasn’t The Widowmaker’!! Anyway, Rotzy sends out ‘merci’ to EMS for getting me down to BGH, and VOYAGO for my excursion to Hamilton Gen. and back….Wed was a VERY long day! The nurses and doctors at BGH were/still are amazing, as is the rest of their staff too! I’ve no idea how they pull it off day after day in these ”crazy/COVID tymes”, but very thankfully, THEY DO!!! Then, they come back for more. So here’s a very heartfelt ”THANKS” from Rotzy!!

Meetings And Stuff
    Jeez….I had forgotten to tell the “F/M” readership that I’ve started attending meetings….on Fridays at 3:00 in the afternoon. Well, I WAS attending them, but missed out on the last two, for reasons you just read about. I found them quite interesting/informative/very ‘open minded’ and an opportunity to see other people in a light/from an angle you may not have seen them previously, and it can be quite revealing/an eye-opener. As it sits currently, the group doesn’t have a ‘permanent’ address, hence the meetings take place at various/suitable spots.

Rotzy’s back…we are all grateful, but he is likely even more grateful. Bravo Rotz…watch that diet, give up those ‘coffin nails,’ get out there each day for some walkin’, and pass on the pizza…aint that good anyway 1

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