TWO requests of WAG members

The promotion of books and writers is a time-demanding task, but one that every writer needs to do, either on their own or through an agent.

I have been doing extensive promotion of writers and their work for a long time: on my website, monthly newsletters, ‘widgets’ apps on my website, and more. I continually develop and pursue promotional opportunities for writers. In so doing, I specifically mention numerous WAG writers’ names. In regard to all this work, I ask you consider and act on two items below:

  1. Permission request
    I ask for blanket permission to use your name specifically in the promotional work I do in relation to WAG writers. Your specific permission permits me to include your name specifically whenever I promote books and/or writers.
  2. Fee-based PROMOTION service
    I am inviting you to subscribe to
    Promotion Agent Service:

    Included in this service:
  • All writer/book promotion work that I do for you;
  • Your name specifically mentioned at every opportunity I can;
  • Frequent specific use of your name in web posts, newsletters,
    library initiatives, community groups, news releases, book clubs, social organizations, presentations productions. This list of promotion opportunities is continually augmented and developed, and your name will be automatically included in whatever new strategies or promotional endeavours I create or undertake.

The subscription fee is $25 annually and it includes my many growing promotional initiatives, the current ones and any new ones I develop hereon.
[payable by etransfer]


I will continue my writer promotion of WAG writers (Writers Advisory Group) in general wherever possible and this service will be free of charge. WAG will be touted generally without specifically naming any individual author.

Currently, all WAG members are invited to access and use any information, advice, suggestions and strategic tips relating to book/author promotion at for free. WAG membership is free to interested writers; to become a WAG member, register with

Thank you for your past support of my promotional activities. I continue my commitment to assist writers like you in your work and to help promote you in that literary endeavour.


Richard Szpin

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