EMPLOYMENT: Short term teaching contracts

Great short term jobs in Bhutan teaching English.
An ideal 4 week teaching job for retired teachers.

Here’s an interesting job offer with the added benefit of travel and seeing a foreign destination for a month. If you are a retired teacher, this is an ideal short term contract teaching English in Bhutan. [ Five time periods to choose from ]

This teaching offer will likely last for a very short time as it is such an interesting and tempting job.

Important related information:
The Bhutan Canada Foundation (www.bhutancanada.org) is recruiting teachers for volunteer placements in Bhutan in May, July, September & October 2019.  The volunteer teaching placement in Central or Western Bhutan is 3 weeks in duration and the fourth week is devoted to sightseeing.  Each volunteer is responsible for the cost of international airfare from Toronto or city of origin to either Katmandu or Bangkok.  In addition, the volunteer is responsible for the cost of airfare from Bangkok/Katmandu to Paro, Bhutan, accommodation etc.  The estimated cost is about $4000 US + the international airfare.  A breakdown of the costs is provided on the Foundation’s website under Reading Program.  I highly recommend that interested candidates contact Jasmeen Chandi, the Program Manager for additional details re the program.  The Ministry of Education in Bhutan is the organization responsible for these volunteer placements.

Tourists in Bhutan are subject to a tax of $250US per day.  This tax includes the cost of food, lodging & tours.  The Government of Bhutan uses this tax to fund education & health care in the country.  Teacher volunteers are NOT subject to this tax per day as they will be entering Bhutan on a diplomatic visa.  
Specific details are still being arranged by the Foundation & the Government of Bhutan.

The March trip has been cancelled as there were not enough volunteers registered to participate.

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