Thinking of voting Trudeau

A federal election that puts voters into a very difficult decision-making situation.

In Canada, you cannot vote for the party leader. You can only vote for the party candidate in your riding. If she is good, you get a good rep…but consider this: what if you do not like the party leader? A vote for that party’s candidate is a vote for the party, a vote for the leader. You cannot separate your local rep from your party leader.


If you are thinking of voting for Trudeau, consider some of the following:

  1. WE scandal…remember that?
  2. Family members cashing in on WE remuneration
  3. Vaccine contract badly negotiated
  4. Misogynistic treatment of Jodie Raybold-Wilson
  5. 25 years of undrinkable water on Indigenous lands
  6. Badly equipping RCMP force in Maritimes
  7. Inept vetting of Julie Payette for the office of GG
  8. Failure to complete missing indigenous women cases in western Canada
  9. Buying oil pipeline project that was rejected by the USA
  10. Failure to implement unified COVID strategy for all Canadians
  11. Continued misogynism in RCMP and Canada’s military
  12. Continued questionable vetting process: Canada’s defence chief Art McDonald for allegations of misconduct.
  13. Vaccine purchases were ongoing purchase confusion
  14. Pharmacare…who cares
  15. Child care…so many strings attached, fuggedaboutit !
  16. Typical pre-campaign low hanging fruit: Child care support in Quebec, Child care support in BC, $500 payment to all over-75 Cdn citizens, more money to reduce drinking water issues on remaining 50 reserves
  17. Calling an election during the FOURTH WAVE  of the pandemic
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