Tip #10 – Be sure your emails are the best they can be

Better emails
Emails are crucial means of communication and connection today. Every computer user uses emails to exchange communication with their connections. As emails are used so much, it is very easy to slip into careless and slipshod composition of these important tools of communication. Emails always deserve clarity of thought, meaning and impact in their composition.

These tips will help you compose better emails:

  1. Series of emails
    While composing your email, develop a ‘series’ of emails as a package that will remind, reinforce and review your primary message to the recipient.

  2. Be succinct, clear
    Spend time on clarifying and writing concisely and clearly, from the greeting to the content, to your needs/expectations/objectives, to the closing paragraph and signature.

  3. Be businesslike with personability
    Be personable but come to the point. Be respectful that the recipient is as busy as you are.

  4. Give a gift
    Offer something of value in the message, a piece of information, a link to a valuable site, something that may be of value and useful for your recipient.

  5. Be informative
    Be clear about data sources, links to resources, even how they can contact you, phone, land address, email link, whatever is suitable for this recipient.

  6. Add humour, humanity, some interest
    Be reminded there is a person behind that destination. Treat them accordingly. Add a little humour, add a ‘how are you,’ tell a story to catch their interest, add a little useful fact or piece of data. Be personal but be cautious about the extent of being so. There is a line where privacy and intrusion is separate from personability and friendliness.

  7. Track the email
    Is the email serious enough to warrant your seeing what is happening to it? There are numerous tracking apps such as Boomerang, Email tracker and Gmail tracker which will track your email letting you know if it was opened and read and when.

  8. End with a hook
    End with a ‘hook’ that grabs them for your next message. Leave them wanting more, expecting more and looking forward to more.

All these tips cannot be incorporated into each email you compose but keep them in mind and incorporate a few into each email. Your emails will be more interesting, written better and more welcomed. Entirely a win-win situation for all concerned, sender and recipient.

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