Toronto Star rises above “BS baffles brains” with open letter call for government action

Some background is essential to understanding what is behind all this writing. The Toronto Star editorial joined the bandwagon clamoring for more people to get onboard for the removal of Long-Term-Care Minister Merrilee Fullerton and Premier Ford.

Read the Star editorial to see how BS baffles brains with smoke and mirrors: EDITORIAL  A lot of hot air instead of just getting to the point, deaths are increasing at an astonishing rate and the pace continues. If Star owners Rivett and Bitove had not written an open letter asking people to support their cause, the Star would be guilty of simply blasting hot air at the public. Journalism worth its salt steps into the fray it writes about asking for active support from its readers. Bitove and Rivett do just that.

Read the editorial. Give it and the situation which inspired it serious consideration. If you feel the government is failing in its LTC policies, in its retention of incompetent or failing ministers, if it is not working on behalf of its citizens with this long term care failure, consider signing the open letter and giving your support.

You can sign and lend your support at OPEN LETTER

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