Week #7 Feb 19

Rotzy’s pushing the snow to plow the pounds away.

Oh the trials of winter in the northern climes.

“From Nakina”…

            Jim McKay….
….first coined the phrase “The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat” on ABC’s Wide World Of Sport when that show first aired in 1961. And I’m sure that film clip was used by the network whenever ABC was covering the Olympics, Summer and Winter. We watch CBC, but maybe they still do? (*by the bye, the European ski-jumper who did the terrible wipe out at the base of the ramp DID survive it, with a few scrapes, bruises and a mild concussion) F/fwd the tape to 1972 and Pink Floyd recorded their huge hit song ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’….which in fact had/has nothing to do with Jim McKay and/or ABC. Having said that, “From Nakina” found a commonality (commonality?) with both of them as to the week spent by Canadian Speed Skater Kim Boutin. She nabbed a Bronze for the 500M Race! then added a second Bronze last Wed or Thurs!! (I think it was in the 1000M?) However, after feeling the ‘thrill of victory’ for getting her FIRST EVER Olympic Medal, ‘the dark side’ (of the Pyeongchang Olympics, not the moon) reared its’ ugly head, as Boutin received several ‘death threats’ from upset South Korean fan(s) who were irate (IRATE??!!) that THEIR skater had been disqualified, thus moving the Canadian girl from 4th to 3rd place. Well, rather than run away and hide, the young French/Canadian went back to the track and got herself Medal #2!! GO, CANADA, GO!!!

            Anywhere, U.S.A.
Could be the location of the next ‘mass school shootings’. It had been five years since Newtown Conneticut grabbed the national spotlight, sadly, for all the wrong reasons, until 17 students at a high school in Parkland Florida were gunned down last week. A much different ending this tyme….the 19-yr old murderer didn’t take his own life, nor was he taken out by a hail of police bullets. He was grabbed by the cops 40 minutes away, after he’d bought a soft drink at a Subway Shop and was heading to McDonalds. Well, Rotzy’s not going to take the route here many/most others will favour….calling for Donald Trump’s head, NRA bashing, not to forget getting rid of guns completely….the latter of which, it says here, is NEVER gonna happen. There is clearly a ‘common thread’ in the VAST majority of these senseless killings, no matter what part of the country they occur in….the killer is someone who has ‘slipped through the cracks’ ALWAYS!! And the cracks ARE there in more various ‘agencies’ and ‘areas’ than we can begin to imagine. Yes, the FBI is one, but also in Childrens Aid Groups, Mental Health Agencies, Jails and Corrections Sites, Parole Groups, etc. Even in schools….and apparently a number of students in the Parkland Fla High School had been ‘joking’ a few months back that the Cruz kid ‘is gonna shoot up the school’. Nobody’s joking anymore. Rotzy did some further checking, and (surprise, surprise) this problem is NOT only happening in America!

            On Getting Olde
Miz. Jo pulled up this list of ‘perks’ on her i-Pod…or is it i-Pad?….for those of us reaching 60, going for 70 or heading for 80….as somewhat of a ‘guide’ for what to expect, so here goes: 1/ Kidnappers aren’t very interested in you. 2/ In a ‘hostage situation’ you are likely to be released first. 3/ No one expects you to run. Anywhere. (*see below) 4/ There is nothing left to learn the hard way. 5/ Things you buy now won’t wear out. 6/ Your supply of brain cells is now down to a manageable size. So, to those in the readership who perhaps currently are in their early to mid-50’s, see what y’all have to look forward to??!!

            A Couple Back And Forths….
….last week with the #1 Strategy Guy for the Northern Ontario Party, and once more we spoke about my intentions of running for them in the June 7th Provincial Election in our Thunder Bay/Superior North riding…..so I gave him a definite ‘yes’. Well, sort of. Kinda. Like, ‘we’ll see’? The thing that caught the attention of Miz. Jo and me last week was Patrick Brown’s decision to run for the Conservative Party Leadership. You see, neither of us like the way ‘that thing’ went down….Brown having been ‘skewered’…..*had to be careful with that one!….by the Conservative Party (un)Faithful after his ‘Men Who Grope Women’ charges (alleged or not) by ‘women without names’. I’d LOVE to be a fly on the wall during the next PC caucus meeting, which Patrick has been banned from. And what are those same people gonna do if enough of them have a change of heart and Brown somehow manages to win back the Leadership that was taken away from him. Stay tuned on that baby! Ditto as to Rotzy running for the NOP!

           Phitt As A Phiddle
Well, the smile on this olde guy’s face was a mile wide last week when we got our TEN INCH DUMP of new snow!! Jeez, I hadn’t had a shovel in my hands for what seemed like weeks, meaning ‘no exercise’ because there was no ‘snow phlinging’! I was reasonably certain there had been a fair weight gain, and that was confirmed by stepping on the scales at The TH McKillip Clinic. Hence, I grabbed my favourite exercise equipment with the green plastic blade and went crazy for almost 2 hours. Unbeknownst to Rotzy, Miz. Jo snapped an ‘action shot’ with her i-Pod (or is it i-Pad?), which basically went viral immediately on Facebook *tm. Replies from the “F/N” Readership all over, a goodly number of whom were impressed, but most of ’em thought/think I’ve lost my sanity. Anyway, with today being Sunday, I’ll head back to The Clinic Monday to check and see if I’ve lost those ten lbs I’d gained. Stay tuned.

*Thought Of The Day…”All you need is love.” (Lennon/McCartney) ”But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”. (Charles Schulz)

“From Nakina”…until next tyme.


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