Winter, just my opinion.

I read this headline recently as the theme for a January landscape project, and it made me reflect on my thoughts on Winter. While artists were asked to illustrate and submit their thoughts in visual arts, I decided to do it in written form. Winter, which I consider to be January and February, is the calm after the busy, bustling storm of the Christmas season. It is a welcome downtime, the time to connect with one’s inner-most thoughts, connect with nature, and find a good book and a quiet nook by the fire to lose oneself in a good story. How calming and satisfying is that scene?

Reading, processing and imaging awaken the literary senses and propel the reader forward to be “at the moment.”

Winter months also lend themselves to winter activities. The crushing of snow underfoot while having a healthy walk is always a beneficial exercise for the physical and mental well-being; at the same time, being mindful of black ice though as a fall would be a nasty distraction.

Skiing with grandchildren is the highlight of our January. There is nothing more joyful than observing how their skills developed because they are older, taller, and fearless. Downhill skiing is a unifying force for adventurous families and will inevitably take the adventure to a new level.

The end of January sees us packing furiously and with some apprehension, too, as we will make our way to the sunny climes of Florida. This year, especially, we will face the challenges of the Omicron virus as it is very much alive in the States as elsewhere. COVID fatigue got the better of us. However, we are somewhat confident that we can make the two-month trip safely. We observe and follow all the protocols in Ontario, as we will be doing in Florida. We are double vaxxed seniors, having had the booster shot too, no underlying health issues and armed with a supply of N95 masks, we feel we can navigate our circumstances and distance when necessary. Winter is so long and so cold. Bring on the warmth, the sun and the eternal blue skies. We are ready for it. We have more years behind us than in front of us as we see it. Let’s take cautionary advantage of this Winter.

I am wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe New Year.

Éva H.

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