You’re #1 in Big Boy Ford’s heart !

Ford ranks you # 1 in his political world…but then he’s only doing what comes naturally to most politicians. Here’s what Ford’s done  for you:

  • No fees for license plate renewals;
  • Cut Toronto city council cut in half;
  • Relaxed regulations for Niagara Escarpment and wetlands;
  • Reduced annual inspections in ONT long-term-care facilities;
  • Increased freedom from accountability for mismanagement of LTC facilities(Bill218);
  • Subsidized transportation of the Ontario Line running to Ontario Place;
  • Proposed Highway 413 by-pass through environmentally vulnerable provincial land;
  • Awarded a vaccination clinic’s contract to FH Health after board members donated to PC campaign fund.

    Yeah…Ford’s really looking out for you!

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