NEWS FOR SENIORS: 1. The best clematis garden workshop in the whole world

This post is about a garden workshop, one of the best I have ever seen. It belongs toPeter Keeping and his partner, Sheila Cule, who are reigning world monarchs for clematis growing. They travel “home” to the UK frequently just so they can add to their domestic Canadian collection. But look at their workhop. For gardeners, it is would be a dream come true to have such a place to work.


The workshop looks like a plastic covered greenhouse.

More than it looks, though the workshop looks like a simple plastic covered greenhouse, don’t be fooled by the book’s cover. Peter and Sheila have created the ideal garden workshop inside this structure.


A work table and potting table in the background.


Shelving for everything; everything on a shelf.


Millions and millions of plastic plant holders.


And millions more.


More watering cans than the local WALMART.

Even a non-gardener has to admire to practicality and effective usability of this organized and sun brightened gardening workshop. Natural lighting all day long makes the place bright and welcoming for the garden toiler to work in on a rainy or cold day. This isn’t a refuge, it is an artist’s studio.


Recycle, resuse or save it for a garden sale !


You want labels you ask ?


A label for every plant that gets planted.


Plant wagons on rubber wheels like a nursery.


Tagged, priced and ready for retailing.


Just a few of the thousands of Clematises plants.


Even clematises require some heavy duty equipment.

Peter and Sheila undoubtedly explain their ideal garden workshop setup when they speak to gardening audiences. Their workshop is well planned: spacious with organized shelving and work tables; storage out of the way, but not out of sight; great natural lighting making the place conducive for doing table gardening work; enclosed and protected from the open elements outside. Any would be gardener would love working in this workshop.

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2 Responses to NEWS FOR SENIORS: 1. The best clematis garden workshop in the whole world

  1. Ulf Neidhardt says:

    Thanks Richard for all the great pics. Now I can feel that I have not totally missed all the things that I really did miss this Summer!

    It is all much appreciated.

    I will be back at the September meeting.

  2. Richard Szpin says:

    Thanks Ulf

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