EDITORIALS: 14 candidates for leadershop of Conservatives

 14 candidates for leadership of Conservative Party…

Understanding the mentality of political leaders is much like trying to predict the future by reading tea leaves. Accuracy is impossible.

First, Alex Ballingall and Alex Boutlier, Toronto Star journalists, deserve a shout out for the tremendous compilation they created about the 14 Conservative leadership candidates. This another example of journalistic excellence. People need news summarized, compressed, concentrated for there is so much spread over so many sources. It is impossible to stay on top of a topic easily. So this kind of reporting does the job for a newswatcher.

For the full article: Conservative candidates summary

There is one criticism of this article, possible a quibble, more likely erroneous: the authors do not make a prediction. Who is leading in the polls? Who seems to be the strongest candidate? Who seems to be the favourite?

Reporting the right way
The two reporters are doing the absolute right thing in how they reported about these candidates. Their role is not to evaluate and judge the news but rather, to report it. They would err if they picked a particular candidate as having the ‘right stuff.’ They would be wrong in picking a candidate as the best choice. They would be mistaken in selecting the optimum choice. They are to report the news, not be part of it.

Unbiased reporting is impossible but adding judgement and evaluation to a news story is blatant slanting of the news for personal gain. These two reporters have done the right thing. They have presented a solid compilation of the 14 candidates, presenting them in alphabetical order. The closest they come to a bit of bias: creating headings for each candidate which may slant a reader’s view. However, bearing with that bit of bias, this is a superb piece if a reader wants a succinct summary of a major news story.

The story is a great example of why people should support the print media. In depth journalism as written and done by Ballingall and Boutilier will never be found on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media blog.


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