2020 – Champions and runners up…rats!

We are simply too competitive. Some people would be very pleased with with 2nd place…us, not so much.

Thursday night, ‘TRIVIAL PURSUIT’ night at Beef O Brady, a franchise sports bar franchised throughout southwest Florida. Great night, good wings, marvellous libations…particularly, our favourite “Sam Adams” on tap.

But Thursday nights, the place is reserved for Trivial Pursuits passionisti. How can you not be…there are prizes, even small financial ones offering winners menu item discounts and freebies on subsequent visits.

Each table of participants chooses a nom de plume which they submit to the announcer/game moderator.

When the game begins, the moderator announces the questions and each table scribes their response on a paper which is given to him. No cell phones, iPads or other electronic devices are permitted once the game begins.

It becomes quite intense. Table members whisper answers to each other but not loudly enough that competitor tables might hear.

Periodically the moderator will build the tension and excitement by announcing the point totals of each of the tables. The tension grows now.

Many of the game participants are seniors, but they are as intense about the game as any age group. Their verve and enthusiasm is as intense as it was in the earlier years. And the passage of time does no harm to their collective memories. These tables may have snow on the roof, but the fires burn strong in the furnances below.

We played in two consecutive weeks. Week 1, we finished 2nd; week 2, the competition dropped us to 5th place. We’ll be back next Thursday…ready, recalling and remembering. Revenge !!!

Some of the shots of the evening fun…

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