2020 – Market Day, fresh, bountiful, yummy…but pricey

Every Thursday, Englewood’s version of a local farmers’ market, likely local resellers, is set up in the heart of the old town. Many items are overpriced, unless you consider $6 US for a small loaf of multigrain bread a good price or $4 US for a pineapple.

The Walmart just down the road sold the same items for half the cost. A knowledgeable shopper wouldn’t get hooked; the less knowledgeable might, not to suggest sellers might be so unscrupulous as to buy at Walmart and resell at 100% mark up. Not that we are suggesting that that really is the case, but one wonders.

But some items at the market aren’t sold at Walmart or are not of the same calibre: the tomatoes, beefsteak, big, really big. Crepes with various filling choices, chicken, pesto, cheese, ham, all very good and made on the spot at the booth’s crepe griddle. Fermo couldn’t get enough of his samplings.

The crowds meandering through the market on both sides of the street, confirm that the market is very successful and approved by everyone who lives in the area. 

The products available for sale were excellent in quality and very well prepared. The crepes have to be mentioned again, according to Fermo’s taste testing.

There’s more. The German bakery booth offers delicious breads, multigrain, dried cranberry and others. Another booth offers bagels, big, studded with cheese, jalapenos, bacon bits and microwaved hot for dribbling with Dijon or Poupon mustard. Classy!

The champion of the good eats though was the key lime pie. Because the pie is frozen, the 5 block walk back to our home was no problem at all, although the vendor said, “The chocolate covered key lime pops will not melt as they are custard based, rather than ice cream.” He was right…but we still kept the treats in the freezer back home so we can ration portions, smaller than normal, to give some help to waistline maintenance…ha, ha !

The market has music, buskers and hawkers selling lottery tickets too, but these were not our interest. We preferred the fresh produce, particularly, the quality items not offered at the local Walmart. Large cabbage heads, asparagus, green and fresh looking, big beefsteak tomatoes that one could just imagine that taste of on toast with a dab of mayo. Scrumptious.

The large crowds confirm that this is a very popular market, one which should be attended by everyone interested in fresh foods and market fare but buyer beware as said above. 

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