2020 – Reach for the TOP…we did!


A shining star on the team, Lynne came through with huge correct answers like the ranking of the wealthy celebrities and the sitcom question…two biggies that moved our team to the top.

Lynne delivered the ‘goods’ when we needed it.





Our ‘backstop,’ Bev was the one who confirmed or rejected the final guess for each question…and she was right on in her confirmations and rejections.

We really needed her to reach final victory!





Our retired ‘phy ed’ guy, always added the final correction to almost every answer, clinching every submission.

Gary was the essential piece we needed to get us to the top.




The team cheerleader lifted our spirits whenever we lagged. We really needed her positive attitude and optimistic support when we were sitting in 3rd place. Nadia encouraged us, added the correct “azure” answer bumping us into the higher ranking, first place within our grasp.

We needed Nadia to constantly push us upward each guess, getting us closer and closer to the ultimate goal.


The quietest member of the team with the correct additions, confirmations and answers all the time. When in doubt, we looked to Anne for the final correction and…she delivered.

We needed Anne, the crucial cog of our winning team.




Delivered ‘biggies’ when we needed them and surprised us with his great guesses. ‘Cutter’ for US Coast Guard ships and the technology explanation of ‘LED.’ Richard got us to 3rd place the earlier night, but pushed us right up to the top this night.

He really helped make us “CHAMPIONS!”




Leader of the team, its convenor, coach and headmaster, Julie pulled it all together from getting us the table when the bar was sold out, to encouraging each member to come out for the contest. She recorded our answers, cleary and precisely and delivered them to the moderator punctually without fail.

We needed Julie to be our team backbone and team leaders and she delivered.


Beef O’Brady’s is a franchised pub that has atmosphere, groups of TV’s displaying sports events on every wall, very good pub grub and ‘Sam Adams’ on tap! You can’t ask for more.

Our team participated three weeks in a row; 3rd place, no show and then finally, we pulled it off. We won…beating out at least 50 other participants on 5 competing teams. (A note of thanks to Robin and John who were unable to play the winning night as Robin was an open heart surgery patient in a Sarasota hospital. We wish her well and speedy recovery.) A great evening at O’Brady’s, one which will be difficult to repeat…but we’re up to the challenge though we will lose members, stalwarts whose vacation time ends and they headed back home. Safe return all !  And to the new team members….GOOD LUCK FOLKS!


Update, March 5: Winners AGAIN, but 2nd place

Newest team members at the left, ART and KATHY


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