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What being Canadian means to me

The list of wonderful things about Canada is endless.

I love Canada.

Canadian people are wonderful. They share, they care, they pair and they dare. They help one another when there is a need. Just review some of our disasters such as northern fires and eastern floods and see what Canadians have done. They help with donations and with physical assistance. They don’t question; they simply dive in to help. That’s a Canadian!

We are a respectful and principled people. We don’t carry guns; our homes are weaponless; we bear arms for bears, not for people. We respect each other by recognizing individual rights and mutual equality. We care about the sick, the mentally ill, the physically challenged and we help whenever and however we can. That’s a Canadian!

We are among the freest people in the world. We can travel anywhere we want throughout Canada and many of us have. We can leave and re-enter Canada whenever we want as befits our budgets. There are border checks for security, a need now prevalent everywhere in the world. We didn’t start it but have no choice in doing so at our borders too. We believe in complete freedom for every citizen restricted only by pocketbook, personal goals and practical limitations. And we do travel a lot, within and beyond our borders. That’s a Canadian.

We want improvements, better lives for ourselves and for our children. We want a cleaner environment, a greener Canada and we strive to make things better from our own homes to where we work and where we play. We care about our country. That’s a Canadian!

We participate in government. We vote; we protest; we petition and we promote. We are actively involved in our democracy campaigning and complaining about and against political groups, political parties and political leaders. We have politicians who represent all cultures, all races, all sociological and economic demographics. That’s a Canadian!

We may not be the richest country in the world; not the most educated; not the most literate; not the most physically active; not the most involved in our country but we are among the very best, anywhere. We care, we dare, we pair and we share. After all, we are Canadians!


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