SENIORS MEAL BOX: A service providing healthy meals to seniors in need

The organization
Seniors Meal Box started in memory of a senior philanthropist and community leader, who, when he was suffering from multiple health issues at a later age, recalled the good food his wife used to prepare. Because of diet restrictions, he could not eat as he once did. Craving the delicious foods he remembered, he continued to gratify his taste buds with meals that were modified but much like meals from his past. Eventually, he began to feel that such good and healthy foods should be available to more than just the privileged in their last days of life. Seniors Meal Box was launched.

Seniors Meal Box is a service statement to support the health and dignity of our elders who find a little joy through food and find healing when they are cared for. The service aspires through its work to continue bringing smiles into the lives of seniors through the food that brought them joy in the past and is still served with love, caring and respect.

Saffron Hub, a non-profit organization based in the GTA, is currently running a free meal delivery program for seniors facing food insecurities. Its mission is to provide healthy and nutritious cooked meals to seniors who need them most. Eligible seniors must be 65+ and live in Ontario in the Durham Region (Whitby, Pickering, Ajax, and Oshawa only), or Scarborough and are facing food insecurities. Registrants can choose from a wide selection of cultural meals to have a taste of home! Go to their website to sign up for your free meal delivery and to learn more!


Criteria to qualify for this service is varied. Qualification is related to the economic situation of each registrant and their individual circumstances. Perhaps you are disabled? Widowed? Widower? Isolated and alone? In need of assistance? Persons who feel they are in the position where such a service would benefit them and make life better for them should apply. Continuation of any provided service is subject to review and reassessment.




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