Jennifer O’Connell, an MP and the incumbent for Pickering-Uxbridge, is a Liberal to watch.

O’Connell is a dynamic, energetic and quietly ambitious politician whose young looks hide her more than 14 years of electioneering.

Her first political successes were in municipal politicals in Pickering. The Liberal Party of Canada reognized her political skills and persuaded her to move to the world of federal politics. Her first federal effort was successful. Either her hard work and long hours of slogging door to door was the reason for her victory or she was astute to join the Liberal bandwagon at a very timely moment. But as O’Connell says, “Remember the Liberals were polled as the third party, not likely to have election success in 2015.” From what we have seen, it was her energy and endless hours of work that defeated the more experienced Pickering-Uxbridge Conservative candidate, Corneliu Chisu.

Her campaign position mirrors that of the federal party:
(Note that she has numerous was to contact her…bravo !)

Though we do not promote any specific candidate, we must comment on Jennifer O’Connell. Early in September, O’Connell knocked on our door. She spent a surprising period of time discussing a range of political topics: her career, her political positions, her political future, other party leaders and Ottawa politics. Her comments were always positive and constructive even when she was commenting about sensitive issues in this campaign. She was never critical of any of the effort her political role requires, political colleagues or any other candidates. 

In 2015, she spent $30,000 less in defeating the Conservative incumbent Cornelius Chisu. It may be that she was underestimated, although some would say it was the LIBERALS time. In any case, she knocked on our door, spent some time talking about the campaign and presented herself as a candidate worthy of vote consideration.

We were impressed.

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