ENRICHED LIVES: A new section to the blog, ENRICHED LIVES

aging2I am introducing a new section of my blog: ENRICHED LIVES which is dedicated to introducing you to interesting people who may inspire ideas in you about your own life.

I am a senior who is empathetic about everyone belonging to this demographic group. Some members of this group are slowing down, more than others, some are faced with more difficult challenges than others. Some are are on the other side, not slowing down, experiencing fewer physical challenges than others at this time. Still ENRICHED LIVES is directed at this entire section of society.

The section will post bios of interesting people I have met, talked with and photographed; people who are interesting in the things that they do to enrich their own lives. By sharing these bios, of people who are active, creative, involved with life, each special in the sense that they are doing something, physically or creatively, or both, I hope they may be anaging male2 inspiration to others. They may motivate others into doing something to add more richness to their own life, making it more fulfilled, more satisfying, and more valued. I am merely introducing you to people who may inspire ideas in you about your own life. The goal of writing these bios is to trigger ideas in you, to help add a new dimension to your life, start you off on a path of greater satisfaction, in short, to help you ENRICH your life.

I hope the bios are successful in helping you get more out of your own life.


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