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In an earlier post, in the MENU Bar under TECH TALK, see the posting “The champions! The best apps for your APPLE iDevice!” where I presented a list of the 10 best apps for Apple devices. Here I present a second list of apps, complementing the earlier one. These apps are excellent supplementary apps to assist you in your mobile device use. Some such as Dropbox and LastPass have been written about in the earlier post but they are important enough to be mentioned here again. All the best in your use of your mobile Apple device and thanks for visiting my blog site.

This is a simple note writing app, nothing fancy, no bells and whistles. However, it allows use of voice entries which is very handy, like using a hand held recording device that automatically transcribes your dictation for you. Nice! And you can back it up to Dropbox or email it to yourself as a backup.

Here is a hidden little gem of an app. Much like Skype, this app allows APPLE device users to phone people on their Contacts list. A handy app with its own dial pad, just like having a cell phone.

Discovr Apps,
not a typo either, displays a small selection of apps that are similar to what the app name you typed in. It shows their rating and if they are free of charge or not. A practical tool for finding similar apps to one you may like but which doesnt suit your needs exactly.

is the app for the PICKERING PUBLIC LIBRARY. If you live here, and use the library, install this app. This gem will confirm that today’s libraries have really, really changed. The Pickering Public Library keeps itself on the leading edge of these changes offering ebooks, DVD’s, CD’s and tons more. The library has meeting rooms and workshop areas where “how to” presentations are frequently offered. A great place to explore!!!

Want to know information about a movie, check out IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, a great source of movie information. More than just a cast list. I especially like the reader reviews instead of the critics’ reviews where readers offer their own opinions and ratings for movies you are interested in seeing. These views often offer more insights into a movie than do the professional critics.

Ever have a web page you want to send to someone but with your own notations added to it? Skitch is the app that allows you to do just that; put in arrows, graphics and comments right over top of the web site information. Good for annotating web pages.

Find yourself pressed for time and want to read a web page later. Pocket allows you to save web pages on the web for retrieval later when you have the time to read them and digest them more closely. A super little app.

Storage is important for good record keeping. Evernote is the champion of document storage but Dropbox has a lot of merit too. It works a little differently than Evernote, more easily and may lack Evernote’s dynamic power but it has real value for backing up your documents, files and photos. Just be aware that for photos, its free version has limited storage space, so the subscription version is what you should consider.

Simply put, this is a viable and notable alternative to Photoshop Express. Users have given it “thumbs up” reviews for being easier to use and offering a few more bells and whistles.

Every user should consider a password manager for their device and LastPass is one of the very best. The benefit of a password manager is that a user needs to remember one password ONLY. Create ONE unique password as the key to unlocking the vault to all your passwords. The premium edition at a mere $1 a month is your best bet and it may be a required purchase for mobile device users. The application will store passwords and personal notes securely and safely across the spectrum of devices. The desktop version may be the easiest to use, whereas mobile users may have to purchase the subscription version to have access to the app. Still it is vary valuable and worthwhile app to buy at $1 a month.

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