NEWS - General: Andrea, where are you?

Horwath’s lookin’ good but where is she?

We were hard pressed to find something in the news from the Ontario NDP. A search resulted in old news about Howarth’s new pharma policies. But as for something current…


Undoubtedly it is difficult to get into the news when you don’t promise a news tidbit every day. Horwath may be campaign wisely by saying nothing until she has something concrete to say, but searching the news media for her latest statements results in an old story, dated April, 2017.

What’s the story here? Is this a campaign strategy of speaking only when there is weight to the words? Promise nothing until the whole policy item has had thorough examination and review? Or does the media overlook her party until it offers some sizzle along with the steak?

We need to hear more from Horwath. What are the party’s main policy positions? What does she promote? What is she promising? Voters won’t vote for a pig in a poke. They have to know what the party stands for and at this time they have to rely on old news bits and too much guessing.

This is the ideal time to talk to voters. Wynne is promising madly but news stories reveal she is shooting herself in the foot frequently, see Gamblers news story of late. Brown, a flameless dragon. He is seen but never heard. It is a challenge to know what this leader stands for. This may prove to be a deadly campaign strategy. But Horwath is neither being seen, nor being heard. Poor campaigning strategy again?

Horwath’s office does reply
I wrote Andrea Horwath’s office recently and one of the things I lamented was the impersonality of contact with provincial party offices. I suggested augmented use of office staff using university¬†students or seniors to assist in dealing with emails. This would mean that emails receive personalized responses to emailed queries/messages.

Hallelujah Horwath
Horwath’s office, Office staff person, Sarah Lowe, responded and she wrote a detailed, comprehensive reply which confirmed not only that she read my message, but that she digested its intent and responded to that very specifically. Restores my faith in at least one party showing respect, care, and empathy for the voter.

Wynne and Brown
Wynne, no reply: one week and counting.
Brown, 2 months to reply and “Mr. Brown has quite a full schedule.”

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