From NAKINA...: Apr. 15 – Taking another bite, but easier and less painful now

Everlasting bites from Rotzy! The molarcular saga may be coming to a close.

I Got A Note….
….from a reader last week wondering ”are you ready for Easter”? I quickly reasoned that he wasn’t at all interested in whether we were having ham or turkey for Easter Sunday Dinner, he was talking about Rotzy’s Annual Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt….when I hide a couple dozen wrapped chocolate eggs late Sat afternoon or evening, then try to find them Sunday morning. I assured him ”I already bought the eggs at SDM….Shoppers Drug Mart….a couple weeks back”. Then I let him know that for the last year or three the Easter Bunny had beat me to the punch at hiding them! That doesn’t really upset me, in fact it kinda adds to the funn and excitement of The Hunt! and if I recall the count from April 2018, last year I found all but a couple of them!! And it all happens here in Unit #303, a week from today….hence I’ll publish the results in this space next week, so stay tuned!

Rotzy’s Excellent Dentist Adventure
    NOT!!! I have no idea how and/or why I came up with ‘Excellent” to describe what has seemed like a horror-show for yours truly rather than an ‘adventure’. Anyway, I had an appointment Mon April 8th at 8:30 AM, was in the chair with my lower jaw frozen at 8:55, and by 9:30 I was on my way home….minus two left lower molars, the impacted wisdom at the back of that side, plus a cyst (which looked like a small hunk of well chewed Double Bubble) that was growing around it. Now, don’t go thinking that I enjoyed any part of this thing in the least, but the Doctor had enough freezing in my jaw that he coulda driven a Caterpiller-D4 dozer in my mouth to do what needed doing. So, after I was ‘stitched up’, I pointed out to him that I did NOT cry during the entire thing!! wondering aloud ”So, do I get a (sugar-free) lollipop’? He replied ”we don’t do that anymore”’, but, because of the ‘brave front’ you displayed (or faked?), you can have your choice of anything from the Kiddies Toy Chest. But, after hearing the voice of what sounded like an 8 or 10-year-old in an adjoining room, I decided not to help myself from the Chest at the risk of a youngster seeing ‘an olde guy stealing toys’. So….SO….the pain when the freezing wears off wasn’t funn, but I lived through it, and yes, our pocket book took a pretty good jolt!…it coulda/woulda been worse without Green Shield. I have a ‘follow-up appt’ this Wednesday and sincerely hope to say ‘hasta la vista, Doctor’.

555 Harris Place….FIRE!
    I heard we were supposed to have a ‘planned’ fire drill here this week, but I’m told we don’t need one now, because we had one last week….a ‘real’/’unplanned’ one in fact. Our alarms went off just before 1:00PM last Wed….just after I’d landed in my La-Z-Boy for my (almost daily) Noon Nappy Tyme. I need to emphasize here that the Harris Place alarms are the most abusive/abrasive/obnoxious sounds these 74-yr old ears have ever heard. I am betting they could wake the dead. Having said that, if their objective is to alert people of a dangerous situation, they do their job. Anyway, they had been blaring for maybe 30 seconds when Miz Jo yelled at me “I’m outta here”, (or something like that), as she grabbed the keys for the Equinox and left (in her sock feet) to join the rest of the evacuees going down the stairs (the elevators automatically don’t work when the alarms go off) and they all gathered out front of the lobby as five or six units from the Brantford Fire Dept had arrived, many of our neighbours trying to settle their dogs, and Rotzy can only imagine how bad it sounds to canine ears! I was watching it all from our Unit #303 balcony as the alarms went silent, then came back on a couple tymes, eventually climbing down three flghts of stairs as a few residents were heading back up by then. From what we’ve heard, a sprinkler in a unit on the 6th floor ‘had a mind of its’ own, causing a lot of water damage to it, as well as rooms ‘directly below it’…maybe right down to floor #1. So, when management saw all the residents gathered out front, after the problem was pin-pointed they circulated a clip board for folks to sign….as they do at a ‘planned fire drill’….meaning we won’t have to hear that God-awful racket again this week and I expect the next drill is likely a few months away. By the bye, a few of the canine crew did NOT want to return into the building! Like our friend Charlie The Golden Retriever, who, unlike the little ‘ankle-biters’ who can’t be easily carried in, so he simply sat down. Then when the owner pulled Charlie’s leash, he really dug in….with all four feet. Pretty sure he’s over it now….he was wagging briskly yesterday when he came out the front door and happily took a Milk Bone Soft Chew Beef*tm treat from Rotzy, aka the Milk Bone Man.

News And Stuff
    As a rule, I have two radio stations I rely on for news, when I’m in Norm The Truck…..740AM Zoomer Radio from Toronto as well as 92.9FM The Grand, which broadcasts from Haldimand County. I expect I rely on The Grand more than Zoomer (tho Jane Brown is an excellent news reader). Likely because 92.9 is more like local/home town sound and when Zoomer starts in on Toronto traffic I switch stations automatically as I don’t give a damn about the #401, #407, #410 and cetera. Having said that, last Friday musta been a really ‘slow news day’ at The Grand as they reported the following item; (loosely quoted) ”A man robbed a Caledonia Convenience Store Thurs night around 11:00PM….he grabbed a whole armful of (Schneiders?) Pepperettes, and ran out of the store, fleeing in a white GMC pick-up”. It would seem the felon made a clean getaway, and to my knowledge, he is still ‘at large’. And if he decided to eat all the evidence….I expect it would be difficult to sell stolen/hot Pepperettes?!….so there could be a man in a white GMC buying a LOT of Tums*tm or Pepto Bismal*.

*Thought Of The Day…I’m on two diets now……..I wasn’t getting nearly enough food on just one.

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