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From NAKINA...: Sept 26 (in advance)

Rotzy’s moving back to civilization (Southern Ontario)…Brantford to be exact. No move is fun but after living somewhere for a number of decades, such a move tugs at the old heart. Rotzy may have to postpone a column or two … Continue reading

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FERMO's Desk...: Oh…I don’t feel so good !

My tummy hurts. I don’t feel so good. I gotta go lie down. This article deals with Fermo, the Scottish terrier primarily. However, many of the suggestions are universal apply to both dogs and cats. Observe your pet. Learn its … Continue reading

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EVENTS: Paint night fundraiser

Animals in Pickering and the region need your support. This fundraiser helps them. So consider giving them the assistance they could never find on their own.

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EVENTS: Special webinar for seniors presented by CANADA REVENUE

Canada Revenue presents a special webinar for SENIORS, Oct. 1/18

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From NAKINA...: Sept. 16

Waxing nostalgic…Rotzy’s will miss the near north after living there for so many years. Locking doors, the car, the house…new and not so welcomed experiences about to happen.

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KUDOS: BBQ blast proves City of Pickering is a great place for all ages!

A late summer BBQ for the 55+ crowd had them hopping, dancing, singing cheering with the energy and enthusiasm of a younger bunch. A super event!

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EVENTS: Last call !!! Pickering activities you can join

Come alive! Stay active! Move your butt! Live a little! Live a lot!

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MONEY: CIBC deactivates dormant accounts

Bonnie and Clyde, remember them? They robbed banks. Today maybe the roles have switched? We are just wondering. 

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GRIPES: Pickering Farmers Market on the decline ?

The Farmers Market (Pickering) open Tuesday during the summer may be in decline. When it opened a few years ago, this local farmers market was a little treasure of produce, baked goods and other eatables. Over the years, complacency may … Continue reading

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PICKERING ELECTIONS: ASHE, Kevin – campaigning for Regional Councillor

Kevin ASHE, a veteran who works as hard as a rookie. Has accomplished much, wants to do much more.

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