It isn’t a pretentious place and it is very small, but the service is attentive and the food is very good.

Any of the sea food dishes are very likely bought at the fish market within the last day for you can taste the freshness and sweetness in it when you eat it. I had the squid the last time I dined at Baldini’s and it was delicious, likely never having come near the freezer in any way and most likely swimming in the ocean less than a couple of days before. This is central Canada and so all our seafood is at least 2 days out of water as the shipping by plane takes a day from either coast. Still given the distance these oceanic critters travelled, it is surprising that the taste is still very good. Now, I dont deny that eating seafood in one of our maritime provinces is almost a guarantee that your tastebuds will be heaven kissed by the freshness of the catch, I remember having the best scallops in the entire world at a golf course dining room in Digby, Nova Scotia. To this day, many, many years later, I still remember the sweetness and tenderness of those special eats. Still, Baldini’s does a very commendable job with its seafood.
2014-03-01_14h01_36The other dishes which I have tried at Baldini’s have all been well cooked, tasty and nicely presented. The Italian facet of the place is both in the menu and in the sauces but the pasta is not homemade. Still it is noteworthy and enjoyable and the sauces prepared by the chef, a native of the middle east, are quite comparable to those prepared in other Toronto Italian eateries. Where Baldini’s scores though is that often you can find a coupon discount the full cost of the meal, sometimes even offering an entree for free. This makes the eatery a worthy consideration for the food is good, the wine list commendable and the prices very fair and the service, personal and personable.

Would I go back? You bet, once I spot another coupon for the place. It truly does rate return visits. But a final word must be said, it is a good Italian bistro, not a great one. But for the price, it is a very good choice.

Dine there and you will enjoy it too. Just remember, this isnt 4 or 5 star dining!


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