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Christmas is just around the corner. Are you ready? Will you go to visit family? Or will they visit you?

When we were younger we looked forward to playing with the kids and grandkids in the snow, but now, it seems to look too cold outside when everything is all white. Will you be heading south soon, like other snowbirds?

I remember when I looked forward to the white stuff so I could go skiing, sledding, skating or snowmobiling. Now I just want nice weather to ride my motorcycle. Which means I would either have to trailer it down south, or stay home and end up with PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome).

A friend once told me of a temporary solution for PMS. Open the electric oven door, turn on the oven, place a fan on the open door facing you, sit on a chair with the backrest in front of you facing the oven and make rumbling sounds (or repeat these words…potato, potato, potato). Place your hands on the backrest of the chair like handle bars. Close your eyes and feel the sensation of riding in a warm climate.


But if you can’t go south, read the poem below…

The weather outside is frightful,
The wine it
 tastes delightful,
The fireplace has a glow,
Let it flow, let it glow, let it flow.

The gifts, the cookies, and dinner,
Makes these nights a winner.
The snow makes you feel so cold,
Let it glow, let it flow, let it glow.

2016-11-29_13h05_54  to all
and to all a good night.

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